Thursday, July 29, 2010

Anderson Cooper Discusses "Essence" Mag White Hire On CNN

As we previously reported, Essence magazine (a "black woman's" magazine) is under some scrutiny for hiring a WHITE fashion director in a new position on the publication's staff.

Now, this story is gaining wings as CNNs Anderson Cooper discusses whether people are right in their opposition of hiring the white, QUALIFIED, fashion director, or is this a form of racism?

I repeat: I honestly feel that this is reverse racism!!! WHO CARES what race a person is, provided they are qualified? This only proves to me that as much as we think we are moving forward in terms of race, hearing stories like this only reminds me of how far away we truly are (especially from our own people)!

BLACK PEOPLE....we have to do better! The shackles have been broken a long time ago. While not forgetting all that we have and continue to go through, we must MOVE FORWARD.

Sidebar - How cute is Anderson Cooper???

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