Sunday, July 31, 2011

Weekend Flix!

Russell Simmons and his family celebrate at his annual ART FOR LIFE Charity event in East Hampton...GREAT PIC!

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COT DAMN!!!! Whew.....

In very shocking and surprising news, American Idol winner Fantasia Barrino has announced that she is in fact PREGNANT while performing at grand opening for Riverview Apartments in Jacksonville, FL earlier today (there is soooooooo many things wrong with that sentence, but I digress.....).

She told the jam packed crowd:
For a while I walked around figuring out what will they say and what will they think about me.  But now I tell you I don't live my life for folk. THIS CHILD THAT I AM CARRYING...God has given me this child.  And I don't have to hide it from NONE of y'all. 
My Heavens!!!

'Tasia hasn't announced WHO the father of her unborn child is, but it doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that more than likely the father is Antwaun Cook, the guy she almost killed herself over.

YEAH, I said it. SMH.....

Friday, July 29, 2011

Who Knew Jennifer Love Hewitt Had All Of This BODY?!?!


Alright now, Jenny-Love!

Who said Kim K had to corner the market on white girl's with azz? I'm not mad.....

Images: Fame

Nicky Hilton Is Back On The Market.....

...for those that care!

Via The NY Post:
Nicky Hilton has quietly split with longtime boyfriend David Katzenberg after four years, Page Six can exclusively reveal. Nicky and David, the son of DreamWorks honcho Jeffrey Katzenberg, have gone their separate ways, despite hopes from her family that the two would eventually tie the knot. Sources tell us the split was amicable and happened after their work pushed them in different directions. One friend told us, "They broke up quietly after four years together. The main reason was that they have been busy with their work schedules, and it has made it difficult to spend time together.
Awwwww. Poor rich kids.....

Gimme a BREAK!!!

Beyonce Performs "Best Thing I Never Had" On Jimmy Fallon (VIDEO)

And not only is Beyonce plugging away at her album 4 (and looked FAB in white while doing so!), she took the time out to encourage her fans to get Kelly Rowland's album as well!
We’re still hanging. This was actually two nights ago. Kelly has a new album that came out this week. It is so amazing, y’all have to go out and buy the album.
Peep the performance and interview under the break.....

Souljah Boy Spent HOW MUCH On A Private Jet?!?!

Listen. I'm not in the business of counting people's money (I'm lying! But I digress.), but what type of bullshyt is this!?

So what does a successful "rapper" (peep the quotation marks) get himself for his 21st birthday, because CLEARLY he isn't aware that we're is in a recession?!

A $55 MILLION G5 jet!!! 

Ummmmmm, I don't know about yall, but I wasn't aware that this fool even had that much money *shrug*. And another thing. What do you need a jet for? What concerts have you booked lately that makes it necessary for you to fly here and there? Don't worry.....I'll wait.

According to TMZ, "The jet cost $35 mil ... but that's just the beginning. We're told the birthday boy is dropping an additional $20 million to pimp out his ride with all sorts of cool stuff ... like 12 custom Italian leather seats, flat screen TVs, 4 liquor bars, a special travertine tiled floor, and Brazilian hardwood cabinets. We're told S.B. is also gutting the in-flight lavatory -- and replacing it with a giant, LUXURIOUS bathroom. Oh, he's also giving the jet a custom paint job ... to include his logo.


He'll regret this purchase when his azz is 30, and not one on the planet earth wants to "Superman That Hoe" anymore. Wait. No one wants to do that now.....

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Pink's Little Gal Willow Is Precious (PHOTO)

Everybody say....."Awwwwww"!

Pink her and little girl, Willow Sage (8 weeks), were enjoying the California sunshine earlier today in Malibu.

The rocker appears to be adjusting to motherhood quite well. She tweeted the following recently:
such a purrrfect day, just me and my girl. we're totally BFF's already.

Kim Kardashian Is Getting Married On August 20th, Dancers......

For the 3 of you that care....

TMZ has obtained a copy of Kim Kardashian's wedding invitation, and it has all the makings of a fancy schmancy affair. The wedding, which will be held on Saturday, August 20, is strictly black tie. The ceremony will be held in Montecito, California -- near Oprah's mansion. Of course, the bash is being thrown by Kris Jenner and her sidekick, Bruce. Oh yeah, the groom is Kris Humphries.
LOL Shady....

Peep the invitation under the break.....

"Basketball Wives" Tami Roman: I'm Not Returning To The Show If Meeka Does

"Basketball Wives" star Tami Roman was a call-in guest on TT Torrez's Richmond, VA radio preogram where she sort've defended herself (or gave us some clarity) about her highly publicized fight with cast mate Meeka Claxton.

According to Tami, she will NOT return to the hit reality show if Meeka does, because she can not bring herself to work with someone that is suing her. *blank stare*

Guuurrrrrrllllll. Tami, as much as I LIVE for you, how can you even utter those words when you were willing to sue Evelyn over those DUMB AZZ "Non F'N Factor" T-shirts?!?!?!? I'll wait.....

Anywhooo Tami, I don't think that would be a good idea at all if you left the show. Let's face it.....the show's your bread and butter (and let's not forget you're the star!). Only a fool would leave.

In any case, Dancers...what do you think? Should Tami leave the show if Meeka returns?

In Case You Missed Beyonce On 'The View' Today, Here's Her Interview + Performances

And she was DIVINE!

Peep Beyonce's interview + performances of "Best Thing I Never Had" and "1+1" under the break......

Spotted: Sandra Bullock And Baby Louis!

While Jesse James is living a life of hell at the moment (his impending marriage to Kat Von D recently went to shyt and his ongoing custody battle with ex-wife Janine Lindemulder has been plastered all over the TV), Sandra is more popular and content than ever.

*sigh* Karma is REAL, Dancers....

Sandra Bullock and her baby boy Louis (who is now 18!) were spotted preparing for takeoff at Los Angeles International Airport on Wednesday. 

Louis is a button, yes?

Image: Xposure

In Case You Were Looking For A Break In Your Day.....


Gay Marriage didn't pass for this foolishness.....

Salaam Remi Pays Homage To Amy Winehouse With VIBE Magazine

While the world still comes to grips with the tragic and untimely death of soul singer Amy Winehouse, there are those that are closest with her that want to honor her memory and legacy by recounting how brilliant she was as a singer and person.

Legendary producer Salaam Remi sat down with VIBE magazine for the 2nd cover of their JUICE issue (Kelly Rowland is featured on the other cover) to relive the good times with mega star.

Peep a passage from the interview under the break....

FOX 5 News Report: 5th Eddie Long Accuser Has The Bishop's Name Tattoo'd On Wrist (VIDEO)

*COMPLETE blank stare*

Eddie Long....I repeat: COME OUT OF THE CLOSET. And then after you do, write a book!

We reported late last night that FOX 5 News in Atlanta had exclusive information on a 5th accuser in the Bishop Eddie Long sex scandal that was kept out of the spotlight. But now, they are uncovering the identity of the young man: 22 year old aspiring pop singer, Centino Kemp from the Bahamas.

FOX 5 is reporting that Centino met The Bishop when he was a teenager and was visiting on a trip from the Bahamas, and get this!!!! Centino even has a tattoo of The Bishop's name on his wrist with a passage under the name entitled: “Never a mistake, Always a lesson.” 


Dancers, do yourselves a favor and get into the FOX 5 News report above and post your thoughts!

Retired NBA Star Jalen Rose Sentened To Jail


Via TMZ:
Former NBA star Jalen Rose was just sentenced to serve 20 days in jail -- four months after he crashed his car into a ditch during an alleged drunk driving incident in Michigan back in March. TMZ broke the story ... the 38-year-old ex-Fab Fiver was driving along an icy roadway with a female passenger on March 11 when he lost control of his vehicle and crashed, flipping the car. When cops arrived, Rose agreed to undergo several roadside sobriety tests -- and was eventually arrested for DUI. Along with the jail time, Rose was also sentenced to 1 year of probation
20 days in jail? This will damn sure make people think twice about drinking and driving (or will it?!?!). 

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

KE$HA Cleans Up Well In New Photo-Shoot With Terry Richardson

Well...kinda. Minus the middle fingers...

Pop star KE$HA decided to ditch her "garbage bag chic" attire for the mean time (how about FOREVER?!) and get a little glam (just a little) in a photo shoot with famed photographer Terry Richardson.

KEEP THIS, KE$HA!!! It works. No. Seriously....

More under the break....

Transexual Comes Forward In Separate Eddie Long Encounter (VIDEO)?!?!

W...T...F? Eddie...just come out of the COT DAMN closet. The jig is UPPPPPPPP!

And ummmmmm, did "he" just take off running? WOWZERS!

Stay tuned, Dancers...

RHOBH's Taylor Armstrong: "My Husband Abused Me"

This doesn't surprise me ONE BIT!

RHOBH has been a breakout hit for the Housewives franchise, and of course most of the cast isn't immune to the drama. Now adding to the chaos that is their lives, it is being reported that Taylor Armstrong, who recently filed for divorce from her husband Russell, has been physically and verbally abused by him as well.

The pair's difficult marriage was a highlight of the RHOBH season last year, where Taylor spoke openly about going through a previous abusive relationship. Now, she has decided to let the public know about her own husband's abuse:

"I'm mad at myself for tolerating things I should not have tolerated from the first moment. Allowing this to happen in my own relationship was something I felt very ashamed of."
And how did Russell respond?
"Did I push her? Yes, maybe things happened in the heat of the moment, but it was during a time in our lives that was not characteristic of who we were. This show has literally pushed us to the limit."
Oh Fool, DON'T blame it on the show! Tsk Tsk Tsk.....

Sidebar - Listen, reality stars. If you wanna stay married, STAY OFF TELEVISION. I see a pattern here...

Closet Envy: Rachel Zoe's Son Skyler!

*soft sigh*

Spotted: Halle And Nahla!

Two purrrrdy gals, eh? 

Halle Berry and that beautiful little girl of hers, Nahla Aubry, were spotted out and about in Century City, California yesterday.

The duo made their way by various boutiques before stopping at a local ice cream shop.

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Toya And Memphitz On Their Wedding Day!


The newly married Antonia "Toya" Wright (formerly Toya Carter - Lil Wayne's ex) and her music exec husband Mickey "Memphitz" Wright on their wedding.

To see the full episode of Toya and Memphitz's wedding special on BET, look under the break....

Well At Least Jesse James Has Some Good News To Look Forward To

Via People
Not all has been bad this week for Jesse James, who confirmed his split with Kat Von D on Monday. The motorcycle mogul, 42, was awarded sole custody of his daughter Sunny, 7, in an Orange County, Calif., courthouse on Monday, following a several-years-long acrimonious court battle with Sunny's mother Janine Lindemulder. James's attorney John Schilling tells PEOPLE that if Lindemulder chooses to relocate to Texas to be near Sunny, she'll be ordered to inpatient rehab. If she remains in California, she'll only get monitored visitation of her daughter. "Jesse feels vindicated," Schilling says. "This is what he's been claiming all along, that Janine needs therapy." Lindemulder's attorney didn't immediately respond to calls for comment.

Ummmmm...A Casey Anthony Halloween Mask?

UGH!!! Not a fan....

This Casey Anthony Halloween mask has been unveiled on EBay, and as of right now it is going for around $500. WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?

Would you be caught "dead" wearing this latex mask for Halloween?

Oh, and FYI....when the OJ Simpson trial wrapped, they had a mask that bared his likeness that was a best seller during Halloween.


Marc Jacobs....Is That You?!?!

Of course it is! One of my faves....

Fashion designer and ICON Marc Jacobs covers the latest issue of NOX magazine, sporting one of his fabulous handbags on his head! CHIC, yes?

Today's Phrase That Pays Goes To...

.....Crystal Harris (Hugh Hefner's ex-fiance).
Harris, 24, said Tuesday on Sirius XM Radio's Howard Stern Show that sex with the 85-year-old Playboy founder lasted "like two seconds." "Then I was just over it," she says. "I was like, 'Ahhh.' I was over it. I just like, walked away. I'm not turned on by Hef, sorry." She adds that they had sex just once. "He doesn't really take off his clothes," Harris says. "I've never seen Hef naked."
Ummmmmmm, not that I'm surprised by this tidbit, but this BITCH has no class! UGH! Keep that info to yourself...PLEASE!


Eddie Murphy Has A New Gal...

...and it's not Johnny Gill! *runs and hides*

Funny man Eddie Murphy was spotted with a mystery woman at Mastro's steakhouse in Beverly Hills last night. She's cute Eddie! Let's see how long this lasts.....

Image: PacificCoastNews

Penelope Cruz And Javier Bardem Debut Their Little Man With Eva Longoria

Babies are EVERYWHERE in Hollywood! I can't keep up anymore...

Penelope Cruz and her leading men, hubby Javier Bardem and their 6-month old baby boy Leo, were spotted in Roses, Costa Brava, Spain, on Monday with friend Eva Longoria and Eva's boyfriend Eduardo Cruz (who happens to be Penelope's brother - he wasn't pictured).

Image: X17

RHOBH Is Back!!! Check Out The New Additions! (VIDEO)


This makes me soooooooo happy! If you haven't noticed by now, I'm a huge 'Housewives' fan. Bravo TV runs my life....*shrug*

After a small hiatus and an explosive television debut, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills will be back on our TV screens September 5th, and guess what...they have a couple of additions to the cast!

Joining the already festive and popular group of girls - Taylor Armstrong, Camille Grammer, Adrienne Maloof, Kim Richards, Kyle Richards and Lisa Vanderpump - are Brandi Glanville, whose ex-husband Eddie Cibrian just married LeAnn Rimes, and businesswoman Dana Wilkey.

As for what to expect from the new season: DRAMA, DRAMA, DRAMA!!!!!!!!!!!! Taylor's breaking up with her hubby, Kim and Kyle hate the new gal Brandi, Cedric has the UNMITIGATED GALL to show up to one of Lisa's events, Camille still has some unsettled beef with Kyle, Adrienne and her husband appear to be going at it, are Lisa and Adrienne beefing?'s too much to divulge! Just peep the trailer under the break. WHEW!!!

Young Hollywood Gals Do The Unveiling Of "Lia Sophia's" Jewelry Collection

Last night, Young Hollywood was in full effect at the unveiling of Lia Sophia's latest jewelry creations at the Sunset Marquis Hotel.

The soiree was attended by the likes of Kourtney Kardashian, Paris Hilton, Ashlee Simpson and more!

Enjoy flix from the event under the break.....

Selma Blair Pops! And It's A......


Congratulations are in order for actress Selma Blair and her beau Jason Bleick as they are the new and proud parents to baby boy Arthur Saint Bleick.

Arthur...that's a nice and traditional name, eh!

According to People magazine, little Arthur weighed in at a healthy 7 lbs, 12 oz while delivered at a Los Angeles hospital.

Congrats to Selma!

Beyonce And Michelle Celebrate Kelly Rowland's Album Release


It's A DC Reunion, Dancers!!!!! This makes me happy....

Beyonce Knowles and Michelle Williams showed up BIG to support their former bandmate and sister for life Kelly Rowland at her album release party yesterday for her "Here I Am" release.

The festivities went down at The Standard Hotel in New York City.

So the MILLION DOLLAR question that lots of folks wanna know: What's Up With A 'Destinys Child' Reunion? To that Kelly answered,  "Well, it’s nothing that we’ve discussed, and we talk pretty much every week, to be honest."

BOOOOOOO! Make that happen!

More flix of the trio and others under the break......

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Excuse Me Dancers....Lauryn Hill Would Like You To Know This About Her And Rohan Marley's Relationship


In other words, you nosy MOFOs should mind your COT DAMN business! My relationship isn't perfect, but neither is yours. *walks away*

Selena Gomez Get Glammed Up For ELLE Mexico

Justin Bieber....ya done good, young man. Ya done good!

Teen star Selena Gomez taps into her inner fashionista on the August 2011 issue of ELLE Mexico magazine.

More from her ELLE Mexico spread under the break......

Kelly Rowland Covers VIBE Magazine's JUICE Issue

Yes MA'AM, Kelly!!!

Kelly Rowland goes completely bare for Vibe magazine's July/August Juice issue. 

Give credit where credit is due: this young lady is working her azz off! Her new album, Here I Am, is in stores and on iTunes TODAY! Support her!

Excerpts from her cover under the break.....

Rachel Zoe's Son Gets His First Louis Vuitton Bag!

*soft sigh* Life isn't fair...I'm convinced!

What does a baby of a famous fashion stylist get from an International Fashion House? His very own Louis Vuitton diaper bag monogrammed with his initials SMB - Skyler Morrison Berman.

Rachel Zoe tweeted the following message yesterday:
Is Skyler to young to have his first LV? So MAJ for a new diaper bag! DIE! Thoughts? XoRZ
And the rich keep getting richer....

Image: Twitter

Justin Bieber Gets His First Tattoo....With His Dad

Sidebar - He looks JUST like his daddy!

Justin Bieber is growing up before our very eye, yes? The teen sensation shared a few photos of him and his dad, Jeremy, getting matching tattoos - the Hebrew word for “Jesus” written just above their ribcage back in May. 

More flix of the two under the break....

Jimmy Fallon And "The Roots" Featured In GQ Magazine

It's no secret that Jimmy Fallon has become quite the entertainer in the late night television world with the help of hip-hop band The Roots. The two have built a heavy following especially with the younger generation, and now the they are featured in the latest issue of GQ magazine to talk about their appeal:
Drummer Ahmir “?uestlove” Thompson told GQ, "You can only be one-dimensional in hip-hop. You have to be a caJimmy Fallon And "The Roots" Featured In GQ Magazinericature. This show allows us to be three-dimensional people."

In addition to providing the musical backdrop, The Roots members also join in the comedic fun with various sketches and plenty of witty banter, including a debate over who really runs the show- Jimmy or his band?

"Basketball Wives" Star Meeka Claxton Talks About Her Fight With Tami Roman (AUDIO)

DANCERS, DID YOU WATCH "BASKETBALL WIVES" LAST NIGHT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! My Gawwwwwwd. So hood. 

Long story short, the inevitable fight (ACTUAL fight) between reality stars Tami Roman and Meeka Claxton went down last night for the Universe to see, and let's just say....poor Meeka! I'm serious about this one, Dancers. I understand that Meeka has brought about a lot of drama on herself (she really has!), but this fight between her and Tami was totally uncalled for!

Meeka called into The Breakfast Club's morning radio program to shed a little light on the big fight with her and Tami. For the most part, she isn't expecting a big payday from the lawsuit that was filed against Tami, because she feels she has no $$$ anyway (ooops!). She pretty much just wants her to feel embarrassed for her actions.  

It's no secret that I am a BIG Tami Roman fan (her personality is infectious...SHOOT ME!), but I was appalled by her behavior last night. At the end of the day, Meeka is harmless. She's one of those people that will run their mouths, and the next day will deny everything that was said. Is it right? NO! She's just messy, that's all. But with that being said, Tami DEFINITELY overreacted with how she responded to Meeka. Why go out of the country and ruin your overseas trip by bickering and arguing EVERY chance you get? 


And another question, why doesn't ANYONE want to tell Tami to chill out??? Shaunie, Evelyn, Jennifer, Suzie....are you women THAT deathly afraid of Tami that telling her the TRUTH scares you? SMH.

I repeat, I love me some Tami, but I can't co-sign that shyt yesterday. It was TRAGIC, WRETCHED, GHETTO, MESSY, etc...etc...etc.

PS - The real culprit in their big fiasco is SUZIE! She is solely to blame for running her mouth and stirring the pot between Meeka and Tami last night. Now SHE is the NON-PHUCKIN FACTOR!!!

Mark Ronson And Kelly Osbourne Attend Private Funeral For Amy Winehouse


A private funeral was held earlier today for Amy Winehouse in North London.

Mark Ronson, Amy's musical collaborator and dear friend along with BFF, Kelly Osbourne, were spotted among the handful of people who paid respect to the soulful British singer. 

According to an insider, there were three stages of the funeral, including a traditional Jewish ceremony of bereavement (shiva) at a synagogue, cremation, and a gathering at the family home.

As for Amy's ex-husband Blake Fielder-Civil (who is currently serving 3 years in prison for burglary and possession of an imitation firearm), he was denied release to attend the funeral. Reports are stating that he is distraught over Amy's death. 

Also, several U.K. media outlets are reporting that Amy's body will be cremated following the funeral service.

Still so sad....

And Rihanna's Next Single Is.....

...... “Cheers (Drink to That)”! Good Choice, Ri-Ri! Especially for the summer! The new single samples Avril Lavigne’s “I’m With You.”

Take a listen under the break......

Jesse James And Kat Von D Are DUNZO!!!

hahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Ummmmmmm, yea.

Via People
Jesse James and Kat Von D have called off their engagement and broken up. 

"I'm so sad because I really love her," James tells PEOPLE exclusively. "The distance between us was just too much."

James, 42, and the LA Ink star, 29, were engaged in January and had been planning a summer wedding around the one-year anniversary of when they started dating.
 But the commute between Los Angeles, where Von D shoots her reality show, and James's home outside of Austin, Texas, where he lives with his kids, Chandler, 16, Jesse Jr., 14, and Sunny, 7, proved to be too much.

Von D confirmed the split on Twitter."I am no longer w Jesse," she writes, "and out of respect for him, his family and myself, thats all the info I'd like to share. Thanks for respecting that."
NO ONE, hear me....NO ONE thought this was gonna work but yall two! It's called KARMA, Jesse.

Ashanti Is Coming! Do You Care?!?!?

By the looks of this pic, we should be...WHEW! Somebody is looking rather SICK (in a good way) if I may say so myself!

This promotional shot (photographed by Robert Ector) was released of R&B star Ashanti yesterday, and it appears that after hitting the studio working on new material and a few appearances here and there, we might get to hear some new music from the star.

I'm sure there are folks out there who may utter the words: Ashanti's time has come and gone. But PLEASE don't forgt her place in music. She dominated the charts for quite some time before her hiatus. I'm excited to hear new music from her!

Are you???

Monday, July 25, 2011

Spandex Queens Unite: CoCo And Amber Rose!

Coco's photo Me & Amber Rose.People don't believe how short I am but look at this pic & I'm wearin heels..(I'm 5'2)They assume I'm way bigger

You're welcome, Dancers!

My gal CoCo tweeted the following pic with her sister-in-spandex Amber Rose:
Me & Amber Rose.People don't believe how short I am but look at this pic & I'm wearin heels..(I'm 5'2)They assume I'm way bigger
Image: Twitter

Amy Winehouse's Autopsy Results.....

..... "Inconclusive"
The cause of Amy Winehouse's death will remain a mystery for at least another fortnight as autopsy results found Monday were inconclusive. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Metropolitan Police will investigate her death, which was given a "Section 20" postmortem, which means they have reason to believe the death was violent or suspicious. That being said, it was earlier Monday reported that police did not find any reason for suspicion. The inquest, as the investigation is known, is being closed until October 26th so that investigators can look into the death; toxicology test results are expected in 2-4 weeks. On Sunday, the Mirror reported that Winehouse had been on a weeks-long bender and that friends claimed she died from a cocktail of alcohol and ecstasy; whether that is true remains to be seen. Her mother Janice, who saw Winehouse just the day before she died,said that she seemed out of it and the death seemed sadly inevitable.
WHEW! And we continue to wait....


Rapper Da Brat Is A Girl Again!

Well my GAWWWWWD! Home-girl looks GREAT!!!

Fresh off her stint from The Big House, Chicago rapper Da Brat decided it was time to remind herself that she can be a girly-girl with the best of them, by slapping on some makeup and rocking a new weave for a feature in Vibe magazine.

Flix + excerpts under the break.....

JLo Spends Her 42nd Birthday In A Bikini.....On A Yacht!

Ummmmm. Is it bad that I prefer SINGLE JLo over the married one? *runs and hides*

Jennifer Lopez is trying her best to look toward the future after announcing her divorce from her husband of 7 years, Marc Anthony. The supreme DIVAHHHH (and my mother, of course!) took some time for herself yesterday celebrating her 42nd birthday by lounging out on a private yacht with a few friends in Miami, Florida. 

More flix of Jennifer under the break.....

Jay-Z And Kanye West Are Now Called "The Throne" + Concert Dates

It's about to go down!!! *Kevin Hart voice*
Jay-Z and Kanye West have finally announced a release date for their long-awaited Watch the Throne album, along with dates for an arena tour in support of the record. The rap superstars, who are now officially a duo called the Throne, will release their debut album on Monday, August 8th through iTunes. On the same day, tickets will go on sale for the tour, which so far includes 24 dates throughout North America. The tour, which will kick off in Detroit on September 22nd, will feature performances of songs from the collaborative record as well as hits by both artists.
Peep tour dates under the break.....

Kristin Cavallari And Jay Cutler: The Engagement Is OFF!!!

Ummmmmmm. Raise your hand if you're surprised?
Is Kristin Cavallari back on the market just two months after announcing her engagement? While it's not yet clear if the former Hills star and her baller beau Jay Cutler have ended their relationship altogether, E! News has confirmed that the duo has called it quits on their upcoming nuptials. So what went down? A source close to the couple told E! News that while Cavallari's excitement about their big day led her to buy a Monique Lhuillier wedding gown just two weeks ago, the Chicago Bears quarterback was no longer on the same page—and he pulled the plug on the affair yesterday.  "Jay got cold feet," a source close to the couple told E! News. "Kristin is stunned." The source said the couple had been disagreeing over some issues recently, particularly how Cavallari would balance her career while living in Chicago with Cutler during the football season. Meanwhile Cutler and Cavallari, who had been together for 10 months, were planning a spring wedding and had just posted their wedding registry last week.
While Kristin hasn't given any details about the impending split, she did take to her Twitter account with the following tweet:

Thanks for the support. Love u guys
And she'll be dating someone else shortly....


Family Time!

Oh my Suri! Katie Holmes and daughter Suri Cruise out and about at the Brentwood Country Mart yesterday 

More families under the break.....

Neil Patrick Harris, Katy Perry And More At "The Smurfs" Premiere

The Smurfs!!!! Childhood memories.....

Last night, Neil Patrick Harris, Katy Perry, Sofia Vergara and others gathered at "The Smurfs" premiere in New York City.

Stars hit the red....uhhh I mean BLUE carpet (only fitting) at the Ziegfeld Theater yesterday. The film stars Neil Patrick Harris, George Lopez, Hank Azaria, Tim Gunn and MORE!

Flix from the blue carpet under the break.....

The Fam And Close Friends Help Celebrate Kim And Kris' Bachelorette/Bachelor Parties

Fun times were had by all (trust me...they wanted to let the Universe know all over Twitter this weekend!) at Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries' bachelorette/bachelor parties on Saturday at TAO Bistro at the Venetian in Las Vegas.

Joined by her sisters Khloe and Kourtney and mom Kris Jenner, Kim kicked off her last few days as a single gal with lots of penis straws, alcohol, dancing and rauchy talk, I'm sure!

Her fiance, Kris had a separate bachelor party at nearby Lavo, which was attended by Kim's brother Rob Kardashian, Lamar Odom, Scott Disick and others.

Enjoy tons of flix from the festivities under the break....