Thursday, March 31, 2011

Spotted: Ashlee Simpson, Pete Wentz And Baby Bronx...TOGETHER!

Now aren't they a mature "ex-couple", eh? Or, perhaps there could be a reconciliation in their future? Either way, KUDOS to them for coming together to show their son that mommy and daddy can play nice in the sandbox!

Earlier today, soon-to-be-divorced couple Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz took their son Bronx to the Beverly Glen Mall where they grabbed some Starbucks drinks.

We're watching you two...

Images: AKM Images

Flash's Ladies: Blake Lively At "Green Lantern" Presentation + Beyonce Glams Up At A Photoshoot!

 Blakey always brightens up a day, yes? My Gal! Blake Lively was spotted looking DIVINE in all white (Dolce & Gabbana) at a Warner Bros. Pictures presentation in Las Vegas to boost interest in her new film "Green Lantern"!
 And an equally as FAB and barely recognizable Beyonce Knowles, channeling 70s chic, strutted her frame during a New Jersey photo shoot. Photo Shoot? But for what, tho??? Hmmmmmm

More flix of the ladies under the break....

Nicki Minaj: I'm Not Bisexual!

Of Course're GAY, chiiile!
Rapper Nicki Minaj has spoken out to deny reports she is "openly bisexual", insisting the rumours are "definitely not true".

The Your Love hitmaker has been dogged by speculation about her sexuality after she joked about enjoying a threesome with singer Cassie and model/actress Lauren London last year (10).
The gossip was fuelled by a U.S. report suggesting she is "openly bisexual" and now she's decided to silence the rumours.

She tells rock magazine Q, "That's definitely not true... I guess some people are thrown off by me embracing gay culture. But I don't feel the need to explain that. Unless someone asks me a specific question."
Emkay, Nicki! I mean, you don't hear Flash going around rapping about threesomes with Cassie and Lauren London, do you? Ya know why? Because straight people don't rap/sing, etc about having "relations" with the same sex.

Girl, SEAT!


In Case You Were Wondering What "WRETCHED" Looked Like..... you have it!

*grabs Keri by the hand* Ma'am, see this SEAT right here? SIT your azz down and NEVER get up again, k? I mean it....

Keri Hilson was spotted, rocking her mother's wardrobe from the 80s, at Paper magazine’s 2011 Beautiful People Party. And if I had to guess, she probably didn't make the list this year??? Not looking like this, right?

*peeks back in the room to see if Keri is STILL seated* Oh, okay....GOOD!

The Thicker Kardashian Landed A Magazine Cover!

Oh, it's only jokes! I love me some Khlo-Money!!!

The youngest Kardashian sister, Khloe Kardashian, has risen from the not so popular ranks and landed her very own cover of a major magazine. This time, it's the first ever COSMO Middle East! NIIIICE!

In the new publication, Khloe discusses pretty much what we already know about her and her popular family: career, her struggles with her father's death, husband Lamar Odom and more!

More flix under the break.....

Katie Holmes Speaks On Suri Cruise Eating P-E-N-I-S Gummies!

Remember when I posted those pics of Suri Cruise eating those penis gummy treats a couple of weeks ago (if you don't remember, CLICK HERE)? Well her momma Katie Holmes is speaking about her famous daughter (one of my idols! problem?) Suri being photographed with the controversial candy treats!

During an interview on the Ellen show, Katie revealed:
“Recently, I took her to get ice cream in New York at this place called Serendipity that we go to all the time. It’s for kids. The clientele is children. We go in and we are waiting for a table and she grabs some gummies that are boy part gummies. I was horrified. P-e-n-i-s gummies. I said, oh wow those aren’t Swedish fish.”

“They are called p-e-n-i-s gummies and they look like it. She was holding the box and I was like ok, wow we don’t need that right now. Because I thought if I said put that back and then she’s going to say, what is this? And I really didn’t want to have that conversation. I was like, why are selling these here? This is for kids. And then it was on the cover of a magazine that I’m giving her those gummies.”
If she would've asked you what they were, as a parent, then you would've had to explain it, YES??? I mean, a penis IS how she came into this world, correct? YOUNG MOTHERS (said the person who has NO KIDS...the irony LOL).

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

New Couple Alert: Ciara And NBA Star Amar'e Stoudemire

Ahhhhhhh! So that's why she's been spotted at all of The Knicks games as of late??? Cute! I can dig it!
Knicks star Amar'e Stoudemire has set his sights on Grammy-winning singer and model Ciara. New York's hottest sports hero has been spotted dining out with the stunning songbird in recent weeks, and on Monday night, the pair shared dinner at STK with a group of 15, including fellow Knick Carmelo Anthony and his wife, LaLa Vazquez. But sources tell us Amar'e and Ciara have also been seen together alone at the restaurant and at other Meatpacking hot spots. One said, "Ciara is best friends with LaLa and has been attending Knicks games with her, including Monday's game. Through Melo and LaLa, her friendship with Amar'e has developed. They have been seen out together on numerous occasions." One spy said Ciara and Amar'e had dinner at STK alone together two weeks ago, when Amar'e was overheard asking for a private table as they arrived. They've also been spotted at The Collective. Five-time Grammy nominee Ciara has released three albums and had hits including "Love Sex Magic" with Justin Timberlake. She previously dated Bow Wow and has been linked to 50 Cent. A rumor linking her to Miami Heat star LeBron James in January was denied. A rep for Stoudemire told us, "I know that they are friends," but declined to comment further. But a source close to the team added, "Ciara is extremely close to LaLa and always sits with her in Carmelo's seats at the games. Ciara has become friends with Amar'e because they are all spending time together." Reps for Ciara didn't get back to us. Last night, the Knicks threw an official "Welcome to New York" party for Carmelo at Abe & Arthur's. Sources said the team booked a private room for the 75-person bash and ordered a three-tier cake decorated with Melo's jersey, yellow taxi cabs and the New York skyline.
Real Talk (if it even gets this far), how tall will their children be? COT DAMN! Ciara, if I were you, I would pray to the high heavens that your uterus can withstand it all....

PS - Hey 50, what are your thoughts on this news? Care to comment? Just curious...


Rachel Zoe Shows Off Her Newborn Baby Boy, Skyler!

Wait a COT DAMN, minute! Didn't Rachel Zoe JUST have this baby like last week??? I'm confused. How in the hell does she look like she was NOWHERE near pregnant? 

My only purpose in life is to be so lucky, but it probably won't happen. Dah Well....

Fashion stylist Rachel Zoe showed off the newest addition to their family Skyler Morrison on Twitter today. She titled the flick: "The 2 loves of my life...@ and Skyler Morrison. My life is complete. xoRZ"


Judge Judy Rushed To The Houspital!

Oh No!!!!!!! Not Mother Judy....

Via TMZ:
Judge Judy just called Harvey Levin from her hospital bed to tell him she's fine, saying, "I'm just exhausted, and my body was telling me it needed a day to chill." Judge told Harvey, "I was feeling funky this morning ... funky enough that I knew someone should give a gander over what I got." As TMZ reported, Judge was taken by ambulance to the hospital after complaining of intestinal discomfort. Judge said, "I'm really fine.  I wanted to go back to work this afternoon," adding, "I'm exhausted. I'm just tired. A lot of things just zoned together, including the bad news of the world." Her Honor also said, "At my age, I know my body.  My body is fine." Judy says she's at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in L.A.., where she just had an MRI.  Doctors are doing a few more tests and she says she'll be out tomorrow. Judy says, "I'm gonna go home tomorrow.  It was a bad idea to fly home tonight." Judy has one big regret about going to the hospital today.  She says some people from Las Vegas were coming to see her this afternoon to talk about a new Judge Judy slot machine.  She says the meeting will be put on hold for a week. 
Ha! Gotta love her! Good to hear she is doing better.

Ummmmm, NeNe Leakes Isn't The Only One Who Hates Star Jones!

Add LaToya Jackson to that long growing list!

Celebrity Aprentice is proving to be a TV hit this season partly because of all of the drama between the castmates on and off camera.

Not only has Housewives star NeNe Leakes issued a verbal attack on the former View co-host Star Jones, but now it's LaToya Jackson's turn to let Star have it!
"I think everybody has a hard time with Star. I really do. Ok, I don't want to say anything really bad. Ok, she's mean…because I always say, if I had lost that much weight I would have been so happy and pleased with myself. It's something inside that's hurting her to react that way to everyone…just put a smile on your face sometimes!"

Damn, LaToya! Did you HAVE to bring up her past weight! The SHADE has run rampant and I must say I'm loving it!


Rachel Zoe's Former Assistant Gets His Own Reality Show!

Well Well Well! Who says you can't be popular on your own!

Rachel Zoe's former assistant, Brad Goreski (her lovable gay sidekick who had an affinity for all things FABULOUS in the fashion world) has just landed his very own reality show on BRAVO!

Brad announced last year that he would be leaving the Zoe-camp to follow his own path, but who knew that path would lead him to our TV screens once a week!
“It’s a Brad Brad World” (working title)

The New York Times called him “The Zelig of Fashion Week” and anyone who knows anything about style knows that Brad Goreski is someone to watch. The quintessential trendsetter, and former Rachel Zoe assistant, is going into business for himself. “It’s a Brad Brad World” follows Goreski as he embarks on his new business venture and tries to maintain his personal life. The docu-series gives an all-access pass to an exciting year of career firsts including – Paris fashion week, the Cannes film festival, the men’s runway shows and the summer couture shows – and each new experience is sure to be sink or swim. As usual, all eyes are on Mr. Brad Goreski… but this time, he’s got everything at stake.
I am LIVING for the title of the show! I just hope he's interesting enough to hold our attention with his own series!

And Brad. Let's try to keep the crying to a minimum, k?

Today's Phrase That Pays Goes To...

....Paris Hilton!
"I have done everything that I wanted to do and I feel very blessed that I have been very successful in every area. So it's very exciting. There is nothing else to do! There's so many people out there who try to imitate what I do, but I am the original.There is nothing like me." - Paris Hilton on competition.
Ooooooops! Was that a READ toward the Kardashians? I'm putting my vote in the YES box!

SPOTTED: Beyonce Steps Out After Split From Her Father


We see you, Bey! I mean, who else walks around with a big, black bodyguard, with sandy-blond hair and let's not forget to mention that 8,384 carat rock on your finger!

Beyonce Knowles was spotted for the first time since splitting from her dad as management, on the streets of NYC earlier today under a furry hood walking to her chauffeured vehicle

*taps Bey on the shoulder* Ummmmm, ma'am! Would you happen to be walking from a studio session, perhaps??? I mean, COME ON!!! Where is the new music for goodness sake!

All of this is said with Love, FYI!

Images: INF Daily

Coupled Up!

Nicole Richie and hubby Joel Madden toast rocker Jesse Jo Stark's collaboration with Vans at a launch party in West Hollywood!

More couples under the break....

Ewwwwwwwwww! Whose Swollen Feet Are These?!?!?!?

*sorry for the enlargement*

Dancers, have you eaten breakfast yet? If not, I offer my deepest apologies.....

What Dancing With The Stars competitor showed off his/her swollen feet yesterday???

The answer under the break....

The Kardashian/Jenner Clan Cover "Redbook" Magazine

I swear! That Lil Mason has been here before....he looks like a grown man! Cute...

The women of the Kardashian/Jenner clan (Khloe, Kourtney, Kris, Kim, baby Mason, Kylie and Kendall) grace the cover of Redbook magazine's May 2011 issue, all while looking fabulous in the white!
Kim shares that she doesn’t mind the constant public attention. “There's nothing I'm really ashamed of, and I work hard on the show and all my other projects. I don't drink or do drugs, so I'm comfortable showing the world what my life is all about.”

Meanwhile, Mama Kris is quick to defend her girls. “It's annoying when I hear, ‘What do your girls do?’ Well, first of all, all of my daughters have jobs. They are fashion stylists and designers; they own a chain of stores. They had the stores before they had the show. And my kids worked from the time they were 13 years old. So to me, that's a huge misconception — that the girls don't work. They work 25 hours a day. And that they don't have any talent? They might not be singers or dancers, but they certainly know how to produce a television show. Whether you want to call it talent or not, they have multiple shows on the air. [I want to say,] How many shows do you have?”

And when asked why people are so fascinated with her family, Khloe responded, “We are a real family. We don't sugarcoat anything. We're not the Brady Bunch, but we always put each other first. We love each other on camera, we cry on camera. I think people relate to the realness of it.”
More flix from the shoot + a behind the scenes vid under the break....

Rihanna Speaks On The "Relaxed" Restraining Order On Chris Brown

"You can never please people. That's my doesn't mean we're getting married tomorrow. It doesn't mean we're gonna be in a relationship, or make up, or even talk ever again. It just means I didn't want to object to the judge. What he did to me was a personal thing. It had nothing to do with his career. Saying [he can't perform at awards show] definitely made it difficult for him. We don't have to talk again ever in my life. I just didn't want to make it more difficult for him professionally."
It takes a stand up girl to not want to affect him professionally! Does she still care about him? Hmmmmmmmm.

Trailer: Britney Spears' MTV 'Britney Spears: I Am The Femme Fatale'

I love these moments when they capture her just being "normal"!

Check out the trailer above, Dancers! The doc premieres this Sunday, April 3rd at 9PM (EST)!

Chris Brown Performs On "DWTS" (VIDEO)

And he KILLED, as per usual!

Check out performances on Dancing With The Stars last night from Chris Brown of "Yeah 3x" and "Forever"/"Beautiful People" under the break....

And although it was much hoopla about Chris coming on the poplar reality show, not one question was asked about the GMA incident.

Nicki Minaj Performs At The Green Auction Auction Event

Hip Hop's leading lady Nicki Minaj, and that bubble butt azz of her's, was on hand last night for a performance at the Green Auction: A Bid to Save The Earth in NYC.

More flix of the over-the-top rapper under the break....

Enrique Iglesias Pulls Out Of Britney Spears Summer Tour!

I'm thinking someone's ego got in the way!

Despite initial reports that Latin super star Enrique Iglesias would be touring with Britney Spears, it appears as if he has now officially pulled out of the tour!
First, reported that Iglesias had pulled out of Spears's summer tour.

Then a rep for Iglesias said that that despite "initial reports" based on "formal discussions" the pair would possibly tour together, Iglesias is now continuing on his own for his new album Euphoria.

"Enrique has great respect for Britney and is a longtime fan of her work," the rep says. "He is very sorry for the confusion this might have caused to anyone."
WELP! Who's next up to bat???

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Looks Like Kevin Federline Is Expecting His 5th Child!


Quick question, Dancers...have any of you spotted Kevin Federline, Britney Spears ex-husband, at a job as of late? Dah Well....

A source is reporting that K-Fed is expecting his 5th child with girlfriend Victoria Prince (a former professional volleyball player...meaning - she's UNEMPLOYED). Federline is already a father of four: sons Jayden, 4, and Preston, 5, with ex-wife Britney Spears; and son Kaleb, 6, and daughter Kori, 8, with ex-girlfriend Shar Jackson.

Whew chiiiiile! I'm quite sure Britney will be picking up the tab for this one as well.


Wiz Khalifa Talks "That Good-Good", Amber Rose and MORE!

Check out Wiz Khalifa's interview with The Breakfast Club's radio morning show!

I have to say Wiz seems like a really cool, chill dude! And oh yeah, that weed thing....IT'S SERIOUS with him!

Wiz's album, Rolling Papers, is in stores TODAY!

Official Poster For "The Hangover - Part II"

Are you getting excited?!?!?!? If not, you're just LAAAAME so it doesn't count anyways!

Dancers, take in the first official poster for the highly anticipated summer movie, "The Hangover - Part II"!

The movie hits theaters this Memorial Day weekend!

Britney Spears Announces Summer Tour With Enrique Iglesias!


Britney Spears has just announced live on Good Morning America that she will be hitting the road with Latin sensation Enrique Iglesias this summer for a powerhouse tour!

To see the full tour schedule, look under the cut....

Flash's Flick Of The Day: Lil Wayne And Shanell Have Sex On Stage....

.....well, I might be reaching a tad bit. But hey, they might as well have been! Get a room....or a bathroom stall.

Lil Wayne got a little extra attention last night on stage as singer-songwriter Shanell steamed up the stage with him while performing “Lollipop” and “Prom Queen” on the “I Am Music II” tour stop’s second in Long Island.

Hey, Nivea, Lauren London, and that "other" chick....what are your thoughts on this photo???

More flix under the break....

Heidi Klum And Seal's Baby Girl Is One Cutie-Patootie!

How cute is baby Lou?!?!?! I swear, all of their children look the same!

Heidi Klum took her daughter Lou, 18 months, out in L.A.'s Brentwood neighborhood this past weekend.

Image: Broadimage

GaGa Celebrates Birthday On Stage....


....with birthday cake! YUMMMMMM

Lady GaGa celebrated her 25th birthday yesterday (25???? why did I think she was much older. I would've guessed 30....NO SHADE) by performing at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

After the last song, GaGa’s backup dancers surprised her by bringing a birthday cake out onstage to celebrate her big day.

Happy Birthday, GaGa!!! But, wassup with all of the blood? It's really throwing me off....

Images: Splash

DWTS Host To Chris Brown: There Will Be A Confrontation!

Chris Brown is set to perform on "Dancing With The Stars" on Tuesday night, but he may not get a very warm welcome.

"DWTS" host Tom Bergeron sat down for an interview with Ryan Seacrest on Monday and told his fellow reality talent competition host that there might be trouble if he gets an opportunity to interview Brown on the air.

“I did say to the producers that it might be to their advantage to not have me interview him, because my natural tendency would be to say something," Bergeron revealed (via Entertainment Weekly). "So don’t put me in a position where you’re asking me not to say something, because I won’t really do that."

The something he's referring to is actually two-fold, though connected: first, the controversy that Brown caused with his backstage freakout at "Good Morning America" last week; and second, the reason he freaked out: being asked questions by Robin Roberts about his bloody 2009 assault on then-girlfriend Rihanna.

Brown has since apologized for the backstage incident, and ABC has said that there is no bad blood.

Still, despite Bergeron's warning, "DWTS" did promote Brown's appearance on Monday night's show. Reality TV may just get very, very real.
This is getting out of hand now! I have to admit, I agree with Chris Brown....would they be sending these sorts of messages through the media if Charlie Sheen was the subject? Not likely....


Paris Hilton Interviews Lil Wayne For "Interview" Mag!

What a random duo...I guess.

Lil Wayne is featured on the April 2011 issue of Interview magazine where he was interviewed by none other than Paris Hilton.

Peep excerpts from the interview under the break.....

Monday, March 28, 2011

UPDATED: Matthew Knowles NO LONGER Beyonce's Manager!

In VERY shocking news, it is being reported that Matthew Knowles, father to superstar Beyonce Knowles, is no longer managing her career!

In a statement released by her publicist Yvette Noel-Schure, it is revealed that the two have parted ways "on a business level."


Beyonce says in the statement that she is grateful for the role her father has had in her career. She adds that "he is my father for life and I love my dad dearly."


Matthew Knowles has managed Beyonce's career since she was a teenager up until now. I wonder who will take over her career now, considering that he helped build it? Hmmmmmm.

On the heels that he will no longer manage his daughter Beyonce's career, Matthew Knowles has issued the following statement while reiterating that their decision was mutual and that he was proud of his daughter. Read it under the break......

RHOBH Take In The Lakers Game!

I guess it's safe to say that Camille Grammer WILL be back for the 2nd season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and her and Kyle Richards have made up? Too soon? Well let's just wait and find out....

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills stars Kyle Richards, Camille Grammer and Lisa Vanderpump (my fave!!!) were all spotted exiting the Staples Center in LA after watching the Lakers beat the New Orleans Hornets last night!

These ladies have $$$ on top of $$$. No faking around these parts. Atlanta....take notes!

More flix of the ladies under the break......

Mariah Carey Shows Off Her Pregnant Belly!

Awwwww! How precious!

Mariah Carey showed off her pregnant, bare belly to her Twitter followers earlier today with a drawing: a half pink, half blue butterfly with a caption titled: “dem babies.”
My attempt @ festiveness on 327! For ATLITL thank u + I♥U! Comin soon ! LYMA+thanx 4 making me happy:) 
Mariah and Nick's twin babies are pretty much due any day now!

Image: Twitter

Tamar Braxton Wants To Adopt An Asian Baby, Raise It Black, And Name It "Disney"

In your latest *blank-stare* news of the day, Dancers check out this sneak peek of Toni Braxton and her family's new reality show airing on the WE network, Braxton Family Values.

The amount of stupidity that comes out of Tamar Braxton's mouth is quite baffling, but be the judge!

Check out the clip above....if you dare!

Ummmm....Kingston Rossdale Has Been Playing In Mommy's Closet!

YEP! I'm almost certain of it....

Gwen Stefani, rocker husband Gavin Rossdale and their kids head to lunch in L.A.'s Little Tokyo after a visit to the California Science Center. But of course, Kingston Rossdale stole the show rocking a Barbarian-inspired vest.

I bet $5 that this vest belongs to Gwennie! Any takers?

Image: Splash

"Good Lawwwwd, Ya Got Body For Days....."

Britney Spears performing for a taping of Good Morning America in San Francisco yesterday afternoon!

I mean, where did you think all of the Starbucks frappuccino and onions rings went? Straight to her bum! And frankly, I'm not mad at all!

Image: Getty Images

Wyclef Jean Opens Up About Being Shot In His Native Haiti

"It brought light to the fact that there was an election going on that day. I don't think none of you all knew about an election in Haiti until everyone heard what happened to me. It was definitely a graze. The bullet didn't go in or anything. There's a lot to the story ... The story is about the fact that we had an election and our party is in the lead. It's a young party, trying to take over the country." Jean says the wound was painful, "but it was more like shock and awe" when he was shot. "They put in the anesthesia and stuff. The pain came after all that." 

"Teen Mom 2" Star Jenelle Evans ARRESTED!

As she should be! I am personally disgusted by her (on and off TV)....

Jenelle Evans, star of MTV's "Teen Mom 2," was arrested late last night for assault ... after TMZ posted her rabid attack on another girl last week. Oak Island Police tell TMZ Evans was booked into Brunswick County Jail and was released shortly thereafter on bond. According to Jenelle's attorney, a warrant was issued for Jenelle's arrest after police saw the video of Evans fighting with another girl. The other girl in the video, Britany Truett, initially said she wasn't going to press charges, but changed her mind over the weekend. Evans is charged with assault and "affray for fighting." She is due back in court April 26. An attorney for Evans tells TMZ, "Based on the information that I have received, I believe Jenelle was set up."
PUUUUULEASE! "Set Up"? Come one! This girl needs help! RIGHT NOW....

And it first starts with taking responsibility *cough-cough* Chris Brown!

Jay-Z Shows Support To The Kentucky University Wildcats!


Mogul Jay-Z showed his support to the Kentucky basketball team over the weekend after they defeated the North Carolina TarHeels to make it to the final four of the NCAA tournament.

Does it get any bigger than Jay-Z? Nahhhhhhhh!

Rihanna Is Azz'd OUT For "Rolling Stone" Magazine!

Yes, Ma'am!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That is all....

Trailer: "Khloe And Lamar"!

Ut oh! And it looks like Khloe and Lamar will have their first on-camera fight for the world to see and critique!

Dancers, check out an extended preview of what is to come of Khloe and Lamar's reality show together, airing on E! Sunday, April 10th.

In the trailer, Khloe gets on Lamar for being so messy at home; Khloe gets into an argument with Lamar's best friend; Lamar's dad pops back into his; and of course the constant baby chatter!

I'm excited...I like these two! Anything but Kourtney and Kim take New York! Get that SNOOZEFEST off TV please!

RHONJ Husband Arrested...AGAIN!

Joe! I can't help you on this one....

Via People:
Trouble has come knocking again at the doors of the House of Giudice. The 40-year-old husband of bankrupt Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice was arrested on Friday, say news reports. According to the Passaic County's Prosecutor's Office, Giudice, whose driver's license is currently suspended, fraudulently obtained a new one in June 2010 using his brother's identifying information. The charges, if successfully prosecuted, could result in up to 10 years in prison on the misappropriation-of-ID charge. A forgery conviction can carry an 18-months' sentence. Giudice's license was initially suspended as a result of a Jan. 14, 2010, DUI incident that ended with him crashing into a telephone pole. Caught driving in violation of that suspension, he served a brief jail sentence last Sept. 21. Yet between these two dates, Passaic County law officials allege, Giudice took the time to visit the Motor Vehicle Office in Paterson, N.J., and, using his brother's information, obtain a false license.
Forgery? I can't even tackle this stupidity! Especially since you are in the public eye. Ummmmm, did you think you would get away with this? IDIOT....

Weekend Flix!

 Fergie-Ferg was spotted at an early birthday celebration at the Bellagio in Las Vegas on Friday night

More flix under the break....

It's Safe To Say Jennifer Hudson Has Gotten Smaller!

WHEW!'s safe to say!

Oscar winner/Grammy winner/Weight Watcher poster child Jennifer Hudson was on hand at the AOL Studios in Beverly Hills, California on Saturday for AOL Music's Sessions.

US Magazine caught up with the music powerhouse to hear how her fiance David Otunga is adjusting to her new body!
"He's getting adjusted to it," Hudson, 29, said. "He's not really into change that much. He fusses at me like, 'Why do you have to have to get all dressed up to go out and why can't you just go out like you used to? And I'm like, 'I'm a walking billboard now honey!"
YAAASSSS, Mizz Hudson! *side-eye* to David! Boy, she looks DIVINE! Let her BE GREAT!!!

More flix of JHud under the break....

Reese Witherspoon Ties The Knot!!!

Congrats are in order for Reese Witherspoon (35) and her talent agent husband Jim Toth (40)...the two tied the knot this weekend in a private ceremony at Witherspoon's ranch estate in Ojai, Calif. 
A pre-wedding cocktail hour took place before the 20-minute ceremony, which started a bit late. Witherspoon walked down the aisle to "Here Comes the Bride." Monique Lhiullier designed the wedding dress.

Those in attendance included Witherspoon's children (with her first husband Ryna Phillippe), Ava, 11 and Deacon, 7, as well as Renee Zellweger, Sean Penn with Scarlett Johansson, Tobey Maguire, Robert Downey Jr. and his wife, Susan, and Alyssa Milano and her CAA agent husband, David Bugliari. 
Hmmmmmm. I guess Scarlett and Sean are OUT as an item now? I can dig it!

Congrats again to Reese and her new hubby!

Chris Brown....Back To Black!

Now that his album F.A.M.E. has dropped, it looks like Chris Brown is back to his native black hair color, after sporting a blond 'do for a few weeks.

He tweeted: 
“Black out !”
I like this much better! Don't change a thing, k?

In related news, Breezy will perform on DWTS this week after a few fans hit the ABC message board in protest of his performance after his much talked about GMA debacle. Hmmmmmmmm. Will he get boo'd? Who knows! But I will say there may be a lot of "bad air" in the building.

Nonetheless, MILLIONS will be watching and I'm quite sure he will entertain all of us.

Image: Twitter

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Today's Phrase That Pays Goes To...

....Star Jones!
"I am an educated African American woman I am not going to lower myself. Period. Bar none. Did I sleep with her and forget to call the next day?  Because I am starting to feel that way. Have you ever had an experience where someone talks about you again and again and again?" - Star Jones to Wendy Williams on NeNe Leakes' constant, negative, media tirade on her!
Let the church say AMEN!


Flash's Ladies: Kim Kardashian, LaLa Vazquez And Angela Simmons At The Knicks Game!


Round of applause for the ladies! They look FAB, yes? YES!

Kim Kardashian, LaLa Vazquez and Angela Simmons were all on hand at Madison Square Garden yesterday for the The Knicks v. Bucks game.

Ummmm, I'll take all of their shoes in a size 40.5. Thanks!