Thursday, May 27, 2010

The "Sex And The City" Women Bring Glamour To The London Premiere

The FABULOUS women of Sex and the City are hitting the promotional trail HEAVY for the release of their highly anticipated new film Sex and the City 2.

Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon, Kim Cattrall, and Kristen Davis all made grand arrivals at the Odeon Leicester Square in London, England earlier today in show stopper outfits!

More pics under the break..........

CONFIRMED: Alicia Keys And Swizz Beatz ENGAGED And PREGNANT!


Via People:
A wedding and a baby are on the way for Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz. The musicians "are expecting a baby and are engaged to be married in a private ceremony later this year," reps for the couple confirm to PEOPLE. The announcement comes after the two, together since fall 2008, attended Thursday night's Black Ball in London, which benefits Keys's Keep a Child Alive charity. "They're very happy," says a friend of the couple. Rapper Swizz Beatz (real name: Kasseem Dean), 31, has produced music for Keys, 29, and worked with artists including Jay-Z, Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez and Gwen Stefani. It will be the first marriage for Grammy-winner Keys – and their first child together. Swizz Beatz is father to Kasseem Jr., 3, and son Prince, both from previous relationships.
I am sincerely happy for them! CONGRATS!!!

CoCo's BABY NIECE "Loves Her Boobs"!

Ummmmmmm, are you just as disturbed by that title as I am? Well, I'm sure this picture will make you wanna jump off your closest bridge!

For the LOVE of God, I never understand why some celebs (and pseudo ones) have to put ALLLLLLLLLLLLL of their business on Twitter!

CoCo (Ice T's wife) decided to Twit-pic this photo of her niece and her boobs with the caption that read:
Hangin w my twin nieces.Daisy just loves my boobs.She likes putting her head in between them

Why is this acceptable? Ironically enough, I like CoCo *running from shame*!

Style Shutdown: Heidi Klum!

MY MY MY!!!!

Heidi Klum WOW'd the red carpet at the launch of her maternity line's Summer 2010 Collection “Lavish” in Beverly Hills. 
The mother of 4 (yes...count 'em: 4!!!!!!!!!!) sported a very pretty Jenny Packham number with bright yellow embellishments coupled with Christian Louboutin heels!

J'ADORE this look from head to heels......DELICIOUS!!!

Images: WENN

Lindsay Lohan STILL Partying With Her SCRAM Monitor!

This chiiile goes soooooooo hard! Gotta respect her, because she can give two-shyts what WE have to think about it!
Lindsay Lohan hit the scene at a private residence in Los Angeles last night, clearly not caring about her strict probation terms.

At least she looked cute (LOL)! I'm liking her new hair color and  flair-legged jeans  she wore to conceal her SCRAM alcohol monitoring bracelet.

Hahahaha......LOVE IT!

Images: WENN

There Ya Go 50! That's More Like It............

Thank God! I was getting worried......

50cent was spotted waving and smiling to fans yelling out his name as he walked into the Edgefield County Archives on Wednesday in South Carolina with his aunt.

He appears to be getting his weight up after shocking pics hit the internet of a frail looking 50 after he shed 50+ pounds for his movie role for "Things Fall Apart."

Looking good 50! I'm now confident he'll put the wait on again, quickly!

Mariah Carey Pulls Out Of Movie.....Is She Preggers???

That's what folks are yapping about....if so, I would be soooooo happy!

Mariah Carey has pulled out of her role in Tyler Perry's new film, For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow Is Enuf, this week. And now people are speculating whether or not the singer/actress is pregnant. Filming was set to start next month.

"I'm not at liberty to discuss her personal life at this time," Carey's spokeswoman Cindi Berger says, declining to give a reason for Carey's withdrawal.

Yep.....she's preggers!

The REAL Rick Ross Sues The Rapper "Rick Ross"

Via All HipHop:
The real Rick Ross could face off against the rapper Rick Ross (William Leonard Roberts II) in court this summer, over the usage of the name “Rick Ross.” Rick Ross controlled thousands of workers at the height of his power in the mid-1980’s, who dealt millions of dollars worth of cocaine each day. In 1995, Ross was sentenced to life in prison for attempting to purchase over 100 kilograms of cocaine. Ross was released from prison in 2006 and attempted to reclaim his name. Ross claims that Miami rapper Rick Ross (William Leonard Roberts II) signed a multimillion dollar deal in 2006, based on his image and likeness as a drug dealer. Since his release from a life sentence on May 4th, 2009, the ex-drug kingpin from LA, has been preparing to go to war against all parties who profited off of his name unlawfully while he was in jail, without his consent, particularly William L. Roberts II, Def Jam Universal and others. As the rapper Rick Ross gears up to release his fourth album Teflon Don this July, a storm is brewing in the real “Rick Ross” camp against the anticipated album’s summer release.The real Rick Ross, who runs, is unhappy with how his name has been exploited and misused since he went to prison in 1995. Rick Ross claims that he protested the use of his name in 2006 by sending cease-and-desist letters to Def Jam, which were allegedly ignored. Sources told that Ross’ lawsuit will claim that the rapper stole his identity and based it on Rick Ross’ real drug dealer image in the black community. According to sources, Ross is planning to sue Def Jam, Universal, William “Rick Ross” Roberts II and others. This summer, the real Rick Ross will “fight the power” for control of his name in commerce “by any means necessary in an attempt for respect, redemption and restitution,” a representative for the rapper told
Hmmmmm, this is a tough one, but the REAL Rick Ross has a point! He SHOULD be getting some $$$ for use of his name and image right?


Brandy KILLLLLS At Live Performance!!!

Now THIS is what you call a SANGAH, do you understand me????

R&B veteran Brandy blessed the crowd at “RnB Live Hollywood" last night with a few of her classics, including “Almost Doesn’t Count” and Etta James' classic “At Last.”

Before singing “At Last", Brandy said: “I love this song because I believe that when you speak things into existence, it can actually manifest. I wanna sing this song because I really want to find my divine soulmate. Wherever he is, this is dedicated to you.”

YES MA'AM, BRAN!!!!!!!!!!! Don't you just love it?

“At Last" performance under the break!

"American Idol" Winner???

So I'm not even gonna front.....I have NOT watched American Idol this season! In all honesty, I ain't been feeling it for a loooooooooong while. And now that Simon is leaving? Oh you can FORGET it.........

But for those of you that wanna know who won, it's under the cut!

I know I don't sound enthused. Forgive me...........

Patricia Field Talk SATC2 Wardrobe And The REAL Cost Of The Clothes!

Patricia Field, the guru of style and fashion for the fabulous ladies of Sex and the City, spoke with the Huffington Post about the incredible ensembles for the new film (in theaters TODAY) Sex and the City 2!!!

"I don't let myself get bored with clothes," Patricia Field told to a reporter on Wednesday. "As long as I discover new visions, whether it's movies or TV or just creating, I don't get bored. I get bored if it gets too repetitive."

She continues, "You are as young as your heart is. You see young people who have a heavy heart, they don't look young and pretty and vibrant. You see some women who are old and they're so together, they're still feeling it and pumping it. They're not running around in pinafores. They're not teenagers."

Ms. Field clarifies for the people that the rumors the whole wardrobe cost $10 MILLION are "a load of jimmerish." LOL

"Every week it goes up a few million," Field remarked. "I don't know what it all cost. We had a big fact, there was probably no budget. I was never told, 'No, you can't spend any more money.' But I'm not a crazy spender, I watch my Ps and Qs, meaning if I can get something for free, I'll go the extra mile and get it for free. I'm very responsible on that level. The overall cost wasn't $10 million. I think I said that but I made that up. I don't think we spent a million dollars. Above $500,000, yes. Maybe $800,000. But that's a guess."
I just can't WAIT for this film......I'm beyond excited (probably more excited to see the clothes)!!!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Janet Performs On American Idol (VIDEO)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can't honestly contain myself, Dancers......I need a minute! *okay, I'm back*

Did you guys just witness what I did??? Janet Jackson performing her hits "Nothing" and "Nasty Boys" on the American Idol  stage for their season finale, and looking EVERY OUNCE OF PHUCKIN FABULOUS!!!

Who wears a cat suit at 40+, and kills alllllll 20 year olds? ANSWER: Janet.....Miss Jackson if ya nasty!!!!!!!!!

Hunnnnnniiiiiiiii, I'm just in utter amazement at this woman.......I LOVE HER DEARLY!

Kids, bow down at the throne.....'til all!

PS - Did I mention how PHUCKIN' fabulous Janet looked? Okay....enough! I'm totally exhausted now from dancing....toodles!

Britney Spears.......Baby Steps!

There comes a time when you have to have a conversation with yourself and say: "Hey self! You can't change people, so stop wasting your energy."

My girl Britney Spears was spotted making her way out of the Bel-Air Bar and Grill in Beverly Hills, CA looking like one of the workers, instead of one of the richest and successful entertainers on the planet!
Joining her was her boo-boo, Jason.

You know I love you dearly, Brit-Brit! And I vow never to try and change the Louisiana girl that you are! If you wanna walk around with your bra showing and those god-awful hair extensions, as a FAN and your sister, I will love you anyway!


Images: Fame

Sandra Bullock To Make TV Appearance!

YEAH!!!! This makes my heart flutter.....NO MORE HIDING, SANDY!
Since her marriage crisis began Sandra Bullock has remained in seclusion, recovering from the trauma while raising her new son. That will all change next month. On Wednesday she was named the recipient of the MTV Generation Award "for her riveting and diverse contributions to the film industry," and her rep confirms, "she will be attending" the June 6 MTV Movie Awards in Universal City, Calif.


M.I.A Ain't Feeling GaGa Like That, Eh???

One of my loves, M.I.A, seems to not really care for my other love Lady GaGa!

Ladies, play nice in the sandbox, k?

M.I.A sat down with the NY Times where she discussed her most recent and controversial video "Born Free", and her thoughts on GaGa and Madonna!

On GaGa:
“With our video, we were really copying ‘Telephone,’ ” Maya says now, referring to Gaga’s recent video with Beyonce. “Both our videos are road movies. We kill people, and they kill people. They start out in a prison, and we start out in a squat, hunting people down.” Maya zipped her lips again. “I can’t talk about Gaga anymore,” she said. “All I’ll say is, it’s upsetting when babies say ga-ga now. It used to be innocent. Now, they’re calling her name.”

SHOTS FIRED!!! M.I.A. feels that Lady G is not original and that that she mostly borrows from the "Abba" playbook, and she gets annoyed when Gaga is compared to Madonna.

Hmmmmmm, not original? I don't necessarily agree with that!

To read the full interview, CLICK HERE!

Kendra On Her Sex Tape: "It Broke My Heart"

I'm sure it did, doll! It's different now, when you're a mom and wife, and NOT Hugh Hefner's young girlfriend!

Via Eonline:
"It bothers me because people are going to judge me and stuff," Kendra says in a sneak peek of the May 31 season finale of her E! show. "I just hope to God nobody looks at me like a porn star or something. I just hope they don't press play because that's not me. I mean, that was me, but that's not me now." Of course, the "me now" part refers to Kendra being a wife and new mom, a fact she wishes the ex-boyfriend who sold the footage they made together when she was 18 had taken into consideration..."It broke my heart because how can you do that when I have a baby?" laments Kendra. "I have a kid. I have a husband. It just sucks. It's the hardest thing to deal with right now, and it's hard on Hank [Baskett]. It's hard on him because it involves another guy and it's hard on him because of our son." However, if there's one person who can help Kendra get through this ordeal, it's Hank. "He's doing a good job because he's understanding," she says. "He's like, 'Kendra, we just have to hold our heads high because, yeah, we're going to get attacked, but we can't run. We have to hold hands and walk through this and face this fact.' It's going to be really hard. It's going to probably be the hardest time of our lives."

Damn!!!!!!!!! Look At 50 Cent!


For those of you who are as speechless as I am, no worries!!! 50 Cent is walking around looking like a cancer-patient because he is indeed playing one in a new film entitled, "Things Fall Apart". In the film 50, plays a football star who is diagnosed with cancer.

His weight loss went from from 214 pounds to an astonishing 160, with a liquid diet and three-hour-a-day treadmill walks for nine weeks.


50 reveals:
"I was starving." Now he's back on tour and says, "I've been eating. I'll be back in shape in no time!"
I have a new found respect for the kid. Takes a tremendous amount of discipline!

New Music Video: Trey Songz Ft. Keri Hilson "Yo Side Of The Bed"


Here is the latest video from Trey Songz ft. Keri Hilson "Yo Side Of The Bed".

Don't wanna give it away, but watch the video in it's entirety.......BELLA!!!


Couple Fix!

Alicia Keys and fiance Swizz Beatz were spotted returning to the Metropolitan Hotel in London - Hmmmmmm hiding that belly well, doll!
More couples under the break........

Jaden Smith In "Vanity Fair" Magazine!

Get ready for lots of precious-ness!!!

Will and Jada Smith's youngest son, Jaden Smith, is featured in this month's issue of Vanity FairThe Karate Kid. magazine promoting his new movie
His character, Dre Parker, relocates with his mother, played by Taraji P. Henson, from Detroit to Beijing, where most of the Sony picture was filmed. His favorite sights? “I was working the whole time,” says Jaden. “I only got to see the Great Wall and the Forbidden City.” And how was the Chinese food? “I ate burgers.”
Too Cute!

More photos under the break.........

Unhealthy Menu Items From 7 Restaurant Chains

So before you step out to your favorite restaurant, might wanna read this!

The Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) just announced its winners in the 2010 Xtreme Eating Awards on Tuesday. Some of the items had as many calories (about 2,000) and saturated fat (20 grams) as someone should eat in an entire day.

I had to have a conversation with myself whether or not I wanted to view the calories listed in these specific foods/restaurants! But then I thought to ymself that life it toooooo damn short to worry about calories!!!

Food is GOOOOOOOD damit!!!
  • California Pizza Kitchen: tostada pizza with grilled steak (1,680 calories, 32 grams saturated fat) and the pesto cream penne (1,350 calories, 49 grams saturated fat).
  • Five Guys: bacon cheeseburger (920 calories, 30 grams saturated fat).
  • P.F. Chang's: double pan-fried noodles combo (1,820 calories).
  • Cheesecake Factory: pasta carbonara with chicken (2,500 calories, 85 grams saturated fat) and its chocolate tower truffle cake (1,670 calories, 48 grams saturated fat).
  • Outback Steakhouse: New Zealand rack of lamb (1,300 calories, 60 grams saturated fat).
  • Chevy's: crab and shrimp quesadilla (1,790 calories, 63 grams saturated fat).
  • Bob Evans: cinnamon cream stacked and stuffed hotcakes (1,380 calories, 27 grams saturated fat)

We're all gonna die anyway, right? Ok....bad joke!

It's A State Of Emergency In Kingston, Jamaica!

Via CNN:
Jamaican authorities declared a state of emergency in Kingston after gang members supportive of an alleged drug lord wanted by the United States attacked police stations and blockaded a large swath of the city. Two police stations were evacuated after being hit with Molotov cocktails, while the status of a third was unclear. Gang members blocked off a miles-long area of Jamaica's capital city -- mostly in West Kingston -- using vehicles, sandbags, barbed wire and anything else they could find. The standoff revolves around attempts by the United States to extradite suspected drug kingpin Christopher "Dudus" Coke. Last year he was charged with conspiracy to distribute marijuana and cocaine and with conspiracy to illegally traffic in firearms in U.S. federal court. On Friday, Jamaican Prime Minister Bruce Golding said citizens should "allow the courts to deal with the extradition matter," the state-run Jamaica Information service reported.
Of course this goes without saying, but this is a very sad and unfortunate thing that is currently happening in Kingston. As of today, more than a dozen civilians and law enforcement officers are dead. SMH! It is no secret that Kingston, along with many other cites across the world, can be a very dangerous place. But for gang members to 'take over' the city and essentially protect a drug lord from extradition, we pray that this issue can be resolved without further deaths!

To read the full article, CLICK HERE.

Common And Serena DUNZO???

Awwwwwww, say it ain't so!!! * and tell your friends: HE'S FREE AGAIN!"
Could there be off-court drama for Serena Williams? According to In Touch magazine, Williams and rapper/actor Common have split after two years of courtship. The celeb weekly quotes a source saying the two "just grew apart." They appeared together at the April premiere of the romantic comedy "Date Night" in New York, but Common attended the May 4 premiere of his new movie, "Just Wright," with his mother. A rep for Williams had no comment, and reps for Common didn't get back to us.
Story developing.......

Diddy And Russell Brand Do "Get Him to the Greek" Premiere

Last night, Sean 'Diddy' Combs and Russell Brand hit the red carpet for the premiere of their new film Get Him to the Greek in Los Angeles. 
Along for the ride, they invited their family: Diddy with his sons and mother Janice Combs, and Russell Brand brought along his "California Girl" Katy Perry.

More photos under the cut..........

Rihanna Looks MARVELOUS On The Streets Of Dublin!

This picture of Rihanna walking the streets of Dublin, Ireland last night gave me EVERYTHING thing that I needed.....YES MA'AM!!!

Any person who has the fashion sense to pair two colors of cheetah print, and not LOOK like a damn cheetah, deserves a "BRAVO" from Flash!

And how can we forget the red lip Mizz Ri-Ri is serving for your nerves! OVA!!!!!!!!!

More pics under the cut.........

Sneak Peek: Nicki Minaj's "Vibe Magazine" Cover

Dancers, check out this sneak peek of Nicki Minaj's July issue of Vibe Magazine.

I SWEAR this looks just like a Lil Kim photoshoot (had to do a double take)! Just calling a spade, a spade peeps!

But, since I'm no hater *hee hee hee*, I MUST give props! Shyt is hot........


Who Won "Dancing With The Stars"???

CONGRATS to the winner of Dancing With The Stars (even though it really wasn't a HUGE surprise *hint hint*).

WINNER revealed under the cut...............

Behind The Scene Of Diddy's “Hello Good Morning” Video With Nicki Minaj

Check out behind the scene footage of Diddy and Dirty Money on the set of “Hello Good Morning”, and also a sneak peek at the remix video co-starring a green and blue-haired Nicki Minaj.

In the sneak peek, Diddy call Nicki "one of our great talents"! Ummmmm, who is "our"? Speak for yourself, Mister......

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Diddy On "Inside The Actor's Studio" (Short VIDEO)

Check out your boy Diddy on Inside the Actor's Studio with James Lipton airing tonight on Bravo TV!

For those who don't know, James Lipton has sat down with more than 250 of the world's most accomplished artists, ranging from actors and directors to musicians and comedians, for fascinating interviews.

And this go 'round, he has decided to bring hip-hop aficionado Sean "Diddy" Combs to the stage! Mr Combs is on hand to promote his latest movie Get Him To The Greek!!

I know Mama Combs is somewhere basking in all of her blonde-haired glory! And I'm not mad....her son has a lot to be prod of!

Check out this small clip!

Meet Bethenny Frankel's New Daughter: Bryn!!!

FRIGGIN' adorable!!!

Dancers, check out Real Housewives of New York reality star Bethenny Frankel's new daughter: Bryn Casey Hoppy.

Bryn was born on Saturday, May 8 and weighed only 4 lbs., 11 oz! She had to stay in the NICU for four days until she was strong enough to come home to the family’s apartment in downtown Manhattan. Awwwww, she was a tiny little gal, wasn't she!

“We’re so thankful and lucky to have a healthy baby,” says Frankel, who adds that she’s looking forward to strolling around the Big Apple with Bryn. “This is the new me now.”

More cuteness under the cut!

The "GLEE" Cast Covers GaGa!!!

MAYJAH!!!! Lady GaGa is soooo infectious.......

Check out this preview of tonight's episode of GLEE!

Who's watching? MEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Flash's Ladies!

Eva Longoria and Victoria Beckham hosted a "Night Of Fashion & Technology With LG Mobile Phones"in West Hollywood! Can we agree that these ladies look FABULOUS!

More of my ladies under the break................

New Music Video: Chris Brown " No Bullsh*t"

ALERT: *Soft Porn*

Spencer Pratt Should Be Locked Up.........

.......along with his PSYCHOTIC wife Heidi!!!

Last night, puppeteer and Hills star Heidi Montag went on kind of a Twitter rant (of sorts) and lashed out against her family and friends who are only trying to wake her dumb azz up!!!
I love me! And I love life! Every moment counts!!!!!!!! xoxoxo!
Yeah, okay! The mere fact that you have to announce it, only further proves our point that you need HELP!!!
My last surgery was the BEST decision of my life! Anything else anyone says(family members who are trying to make money off of me) is a lie!
I have never felt sexier, happier, or more amazing in my own skin. I truly look the way I have always dreamed, I love America and freedom! You will get to know the true me and my REAL life VERY soon, under all my plastic haha! Not the Superficial "me" you read about and watch!!! PS I HAVE NO FRIENDS, the ones who are pretending to be "friends" or "family", are crazy, angry, broke, and bitter this is why they haven't been in my life for years! LIARS!
This broad has SHYT for brains! The real question is: WHO TYPED THIS MESSAGE? SPENCER OR HEIDI?

I know it's hard for her family, especially, to see her self destruct like this, but in the infamous words of rapper Project Pat: "don't save her....she don't wanna be saved"

Nas And Kelis Are Officially DIVORCED!

This still makes me sad!!!

Via TMZ:
After an eternity of legal war, the marriage between rapper Nas and singer Kelis is officially kaput. TMZ obtained legal docs, filed last Friday in L.A. County Superior Court, which show that the marriage has been terminated -- but there are still a few more nasty battles to fight ... like child custody and spousal support.

Another Snippet From Jesse James' Interview With ABC News

Check out another snippet of Jesse James' interview with ABC news.

In this snippet, he reveals that OUR poor Sandra Bullock did have some sort of idea that he was unfaithful, but he would deny it (WOW)! He also wants to clear the air about those Nazi pictures that surfaced right after the scandal broke, and how that affected his relationship with Sandra and his "son" (baby Louis).

Ya know, I'm starting to feel really bad for him *don't KILL! I can be a HUUUUGE softy*. There is no doubt in my mind that he feels terribly sad and awful for how he treated his wife and family. But at the end of the day, it's not our call to make! Sandra has spoken and they are getting a divorce.....nuff said!


Event Fix: E!’s 20th Anniversary Party!

Last night in Hollywood, E television celebrated their 20th anniversary with a party at the London Hotel in West Hollywood, CA.

The Kardashian's aka 'shimmer sisters' showed up in sparkly dresses, and to Kim's admission on Twitter, had no idea they all would wear the same sort of dresses.

Funny....they all looked FAB nonetheless!

More photos under the cut...........

New Music Video: Rihanna "Rockstar 101"

It's here Dancers (for those who care)!

Check out Rihanna's Rockstar 101 music video where there is a cameo from Blink 182 drummer Travis Barker.

This video saved this song....HOT!!!

U like?

"Sex And The City 2" Premiere + Afterparty Flix!!!

LADIES LADIES LADIES (and some men *wink*)'s HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The premiere of ALL premieres, "Sex and the City 2", went down last night at Radio City Music Hall in NYC, and let me tell you, every last celebrity on the planet was at this premiere!!!

The SATC girls looked GRAND!!!!

Check out TONS of photos under the break plus a few after party flix..........

Monday, May 24, 2010

Random Flix!

Naomi Campbell rang in her 40th birthday with a swanky party over the weekend in Cannes, France.

More flix under the break..............

The Judge Orders Lindsay Lohan To Wear SCRAM Bracelet

All I can do is pray for her.............

Via TMZ:
Lindsay Lohan has been ordered to refrain from drinking or doing drugs ... and if she dares to try she could end up behind bars. Judge Marsha Revel laid down the law during a hearing this AM in Beverly Hills court. Judge Revel told Lindsay in order to stay free on bail, she cannot drink alcohol, she must wear a SCRAM device and she must submit to random drug testing. Lindsay must begin wearing the SCRAM bracelet within 24 hours. Lindsay must also attend all scheduled alcohol ed classes at least once a week. Lindsay's lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, began to object to the conditions, but when the judge said she would state out loud all the reasons why the conditions were appropriate -- Holley backed off and accepted the conditions. And the judge indicated Lindsay must stay in the L.A. area -- which will get in the way of shooting a movie in Texas.  The judge basically said, tough luck. Mind you ... the conditions the judge imposed must be met in order for Lindsay to remain free on bail.  The judge is also scheduling a hearing to determine if Lindsay has violated her probation -- the date for the hearing is July 6. If the judge decides Lindsay violated her probation by not attending her alcohol ed program as required ... she could be jailed for 180 days.

Kendra Makes $680K From Sex Tape?

COTTTTTT DAMNNNNN!!! If I wasn't 'saved'.......

So word on the street is Kendra Wilkinson's first pay check for the soon-to-be-released sex tape is a massive $680,000, and that she has already received the payment along with up to 50 percent of sales.

Damn!!! Who brokered this deal for you?

This is what is baffling to me: WHY IS THIS OK?

So are times THIS hard for reality stars and celebrities?

What's next? Malia and Sasha will become strippers? Hey, anything is possible.......

Bethenny Shows Off Post Baby Body!

Not bad Bethenny!!! You're an itty-bitty thing anyway!
And not to be left out, Bethenny was spotted with her new hubby Jason Hoppy out and about in SoHo, NYC yesterday. Bethenny, 'ya done good' girl......he is quite the 'looker'! *wink*

But the real question is, where is the new baby girl Bryn??? Hurry, we wanna see her.........

Images: INF Daily

Snooki And JWOWW Kissing In Miami......

Snooki and Jwoww of The Jersey Shore were spotted on South Beach 'putting on' for the cameras, because we all know damn well yall don't 'swing' that way!

In all seriousness, I miss you guys on my TV....come back!!!

More Snookie and Jwoww under the cut..........

Celebrity Apprentice Picks A Winner.......

And his name is Bret Michaels!

Donald Trump gave Bret Michaels the title of "winner" at last night's Celebrity Apprentice finale, earning the recovering rocker $250,00 to the charity of his choice. But Holly didn't walk away empty handed, she too earned $250K!


Jesse James Gives Interview About The Demise Of His Marriage (Short Clip)

Sandra Bullock's estranged husband Jesse James is FINALLY sitting down with ABC News for an interview where he speaks about the demise of his marriage to the Oscar winner.

“I took a pretty amazing life and marriage… and threw it away,” James said during a clip of his interview with ABC News’ Nightline that will air on Tuesday night.

You got that right!!!

At one point during the interview, he got so choked up with emotion and had to take a break.

This is gonna be good......I'll be watching!

GaGa, Who Is This Lady You're Gettin' Freaky With?

Lady GaGa and some unknown woman were spotted on a yacht this past weekend gettin' a lil fisky with each other for the world to see!


More freaky-ness under  the break..........

Family Time!

 Snoop Dogg and wife Shante celebrated their eldest son's, Corde Calvin Broadus aka Spank,16th birthday in LA this past weekend. The bash had an 80s theme! Look at Shante.....get it momma!!!

More photos under the break............

Confirmed: Brittany Murphy's Husband DEAD!

WTF? Just 5 months after the death of his wife, actress Brittany Murphy (Clueless, Eight Mile), her husband British screenwriter Simon Monjack, was found dead Sunday night in the couple's Hollywood home.

Soooooooooo sad!!!
Monjack, 39, was pronounced dead after the Los Angeles Fire Department was called to the residence for a medical emergency, say authorities. Police spokesman Sgt. Louie Lozano said the preliminary cause of death was natural causes, but investigators remained at the scene. Law enforcement sources told the Hollywood Reporter that Brittany's mother, Sharon, discovered Monjack around 9:30, unresponsive, and called 911.
Damn! When it rains it ours, eh?

5 months after his wife died? Let the speculations begin.........

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Family Time: JLo, Marc And The Twins!


Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony and their twins were spotted leaving the Eden Roc Hotel in Cannes, France on Sunday all decked out in their shades (designer, I'm sure!).

More photos under the break..........