Friday, July 30, 2010

Did Levi Johnston Get His Ex-Girlfriend Pregnant???

My Heavens! I know Sarah & Co. are about to blow a gasket!!!

It is being reported that Bristol Palin's fiance, Levi Johnston, may have fathered a baby with his ex-girlfriend (Lanesia Garcia) while him and Bristol were on hiatus!
“Levi insists the baby isn’t his, but no one really knows for sure,” a source says. “Levi is one of three possible fathers who were with Lanesia during the probable week of conception.”
Damn, 3 fathers??? I say take it to Maury so we all can be a part of the news!

According to friends, Bristol, 19, is devastated by the news and is thinking twice about moving forward with the engagement.

Honey, if you had half a brain you would run (not walk)! This is the ONLY time I would agree with Sarah Palin....homeboy is NO BUENO!

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