Monday, February 14, 2011

Lady GaGa's FULL 'Go Minutes' Interview

Anderson Cooper sat down with music's bright star Lady GaGa to conduct a very candid 60 Minutes interview that aired last night on CBS.

In the above clip, Lady G proved to be extremely "normal" for most people who don't follow her. She discussed her passion for the music she makes, drug use, her over-the-top costumes and what/why she is so inspired.

I've been asked MANY times (emails, twitter, by friends/family, etc.) why I like GaGa. Many say she is a gimmick, why does she have to go to such extremes in her performances, style of dress, etc. The answer is simple. If you strip down all of what you see on the surface, GaGa is BEYOOOOOND talented and has a strong message that she conveys in her music. And let's be clear....her music is awesome. If you don't's's all relative.

True Talent is not make believe, Dancers....PAY ATTENTION!

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