Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Lil Kim's Under Fire For Mixtape Cover + Lying About Mixtake Sales?

Lil Kim has come under fire for this image on her mixtape cover - "Black Friday" - and what appears to be a decapitated Nicki Minaj head.

Lots of people are saying that she has gone too far and the image is "disgusting". What are your thoughts?

Look under the cut to see how many copies of the mixtape Kim claims to have sold in 1day.....

Twitter was abuzz last night when Kim tweeted the above message to her followers. Many claimed that she was lying and asked for receipts (which I find comical - SURE...Kim is really gonna provide receipts!). 

Keep in mind that unlike most rappers, Kim sold the mixtape via PayPal for $10 a pop, which would make her the recipient of over $1MILLION earned!

So the question is....DO WE BELIEVE HER???

While Nicki Minaj kept quiet about the whole fiasco on Twtter, moments after Kim, tweeted the above message, Nicki subliminally tweeted:


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