Sunday, February 13, 2011

Pre-Grammy Events (PHOTOS)!!!

Gucci and Roc Nation Event
 Rihanna and a make-up free (?) Beyonce attend RocNation and GUCCI's pre-Grammy brunch held at Soho House in West Hollywood on Saturday. FAB, ladies (we'll talk about Rihanna's hair lata...)!

Tons of flix under the break.....

 RocNation boss Jay-Z, Charlize Theron and Will Smith....BIG DOGS!
 Ummmmm, Rihanna!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That hair deserves it's own planet, darling! We can hardly see that pretty face of yours?!?! NO BUENO!
Besties Cassie and Lauren London - pretty girls wear white!
 Oh Solange....enough with the braids already! It ruins outfits....
 Adrien Baillon has such a doll face!
 Camilla Belle - This GUCCI ensemble is ill fitting....yes?
 Will Smith, Paz Vega and Jay-Z
 Oscar winner Adrien Brody
 Grey's Anatomy star Ellen Pompeo and husband Chris Ivery
 Ryan Phillippe
 Jay-Z alongside RocNation artist Bridget Kelly
A comb (for The Dream's facial hair) and chap stick are needed on aisle #2!

Clive Davis'Annual Pre-Grammy Gala and Salute To Industry Icons 
Jennifer Hudson with the LEGENDARY Clive Davis!

I am STILL amazed at how GREAT JHud look....WOW! Weight Watchers...HERE I COME! SOLD!!!
 Katy didn't want to save this dress for the actual  GRAMMYS?
 You look GREAT nonetheless!
 3 generations: Whitney Houston, Dionne Warwick and Bobbi-Kristina!
Miley looks GREAT in Herve Leger!
 Adam Lambert! Jelly that his makeup always looks better than mine!

 Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minillo...that "prom hair" gets a big 'ole NOPE!
 Leona Lewis in her "same 'ole same" - I'm getting bored with this...NEXT!
 Nick Jonas and Chace Crawford...NIIICE!
My John!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Call me crazy, but I dig this look! Keri is such a purrrdy girl!
 The adorable Jordin Sparks
Jane Lynch and her wife
 Janelle Monae
 Gayle King
Toni, as much as I adore's time to hang it up! That thigh? Chiiiiiile, put "her" away.....
 Kathy Griffin
 One of my faves...Sanaa Lathan!
 Priscilla Pressley
 Black Eyed Peas' Taboo

Monica and Brandy were having a "ki-ki" of a time I see! Love these two saaaaangin' fools!
 My Kelly O!
Whitney (who looks GREAT) and Bobbi-K!
 Not a big fan of Brandy's dress. Too busy...
Lenny Kravitz!!!!!
 Bruno Mars

 Ciara always serving BODY! And I am not mad one bit....
THEEEEE Chaka Khan!!!
 *soft sigh* India Arie
*HARD sigh* Sarah Silverman
 Access Hollywood's Shaun Robinson
 Kelly Rowland - I'm usually a fan of her "looks"...not this one.
 Petite actress Kristin Chenoweth - too cute!
 Faith Evans - I'm just noticing she gained a lot of her weight back, eh?
MEGA PRODUCER David Guetta and wife Cathy 

Cash Money Records Annual Pre-Grammy Awards Party
Nicki Minaj
 Oh, Drake....
 My young Dancers....please don't look up to just ANYBODY with money, k! Promise?
Jay Sean

 Mel B! NOT a fan of that red lipstick....
 Cory Gunz!

 Honeeeeeeey! This young man is doing BIG THINGS for Vivica!!!! She is glowing...
 Tristian Wilds
Sylvia Rhone

Melody Thornton
Model Jessica White

Images: Getty Images


  1. Beyonce sd "Listern I am married to Jay-Z, no make-up needed " The End