Thursday, February 10, 2011

Prepare For Foolishness: "Inmate Wives Of Baltimore" (VIDEO)

*covers eyes in shame*

Dancers, I'm ashamed!!!

I'm taking a break from my "normal posting" to bring you GHETTO WRETCHED FOOLISHNESS with a series entitled Inmates Wives Of Baltimore!!!

I swear, I am NOT making this stuff up! Complete and utter foolishness. Take a look at one of their episodes above.

To see their full Youtube series, CLICK HERE.

*runs and hides*


  1. That's how they do out there n bmore eh!!

  2. You know what this is? The picture next to "tom-foolery-at-its-finest" in the urban dictionary. Tis all.

  3. **SMDH** Baltimore never seems to amaze me! Are they still at the top of the list as most Ghetto city in THE world? If not, they should be.

    Dear Gov O'Malley, can we please remove Baltimore off the state of MD? They should be there own State. Yes, the State of Baltimore, city of Hoodville.

  4. @ Taf - u ain't shyt! hahahahahahaha