Thursday, March 10, 2011

Nicole Richie And Hubby Joel Madden Feud On Twitter Over....

...PILLOWS! Yep, you read that correctly...COT DAMN PILLOWS!

Joel Madden asked his Twitter followers yesterday:
“Do you ever look at your credit card bill & ask your wife how the hell she could spend 3 thousand dollars on pillows? I do. I mean can’t we just go to Target and get our pillows???”
Ha! And of course you already know Nicole Richie had to reply to his tweet by saying:
“That’s why I ignore your calls.”
This is why I love Nicole! Joel goes on to say:
“Needless to say the pillows are going back to the expensive ass pillow store. Hope she likes the Target pillows I’m putting in their place.”

“I was thinking they must be made from unicorn manes.”
Ummmmm, I'm on Joel's side on this one Lady Richie! $3,000? For pillows? NO BUENO!

But then again, Joel you knew who you were marrying!

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