Thursday, June 23, 2011

Frank Ocean Confronted By Chris Brown's Goons (VIDEO)

Apparently last week, an all out Twitter war erupted between Chris Brown and up and coming R&B star Fran Ocean from the group Odd Future

Long story short, immature words were exchanged on Twitter when Chris Brown paid a genuine compliment to Frank Ocean. Frank, not being a fan of Chris, replied calling Chris, Ike Turner. Of course Chris retaliated (because he can't help himself) with his own choice words. This little spat caused Tyler The Creator of Odd Future to get involved in the mix and have some words with Chris as well. Needless to say, it's all very immature and further proves my point that even though you cross the 21-year old mark, some people still just don't get it!

Fast forward to today. A video just popped up on the internet of Chris Brown's "alleged" crew confronting Frank Ocean about the beef in West Hollywood while they are both in their cars. Chris Brown is NOT in the scene, but you can hear Frank saying: “…but I don’t know ya’ll though” and Chris' alleged crew saying “Take the FADE Ni**a!!!!” WHATEVER the hell that means.

*sigh* When are we gonna grow up? EVERYBODY involved! Especially Chris Brown! Know WHEN to say WHEN! Because at the end of the day, you have the most to lose...DUMMY!

Yall can "miss me" with this buffoonery!

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