Thursday, June 23, 2011

Kevin Hart Impersonates Tami Roman From "Baketball Wives" (VIDEO)

Hear me, and hear me CLEAR! That damn Kevin Hart is an absolute FOOOOOOOOL!!!!

Please do yourselves a favor and welcome some laughter in your life for a few minutes by checking out this Jermaine Dupri Global14 video of them clowning around with comedian Kevin Hart!

At the 4:25 mark, he even brings reality star Tami Roman from Basketball Wives into his jokes by doing a GREAT impersonation of her! HEEEEEELARIOUS and spot on! The video also features cameos from Nelly, Nick Cannon, and Bobby Brown (where did they get all of these people from?!?!?).

Kevin will host the BET Awards on June 26th at 8pm (EST). WHEW! Can't wait....


  1. Kevin is a foooooooool..I have to say he has Tami ass hands down ahahhaha "Look here bytch" and the part about "cuz I just want to be friends" after she has verbally abused ur ass ahahahaha too damn funny team Tami all day!!

  2. that Dupri fella is ugly as fuck honey chile he btr b laying so type of pipe OMG

    did Kevin say 48 and liquid tights hahahahahha

    damn is she standing there holding the food must b money
    wait is that Bobby drunk ass

    HHHEEYYY Nelly with ut pretty smile call me *wink wink*

    they look like they having a ball