Friday, July 22, 2011

Ummmmmm, Are We Feeling Rihanna's Look?!?!


Ummmmmmm, yea.

Mega pop star Rihanna was spotted making her way to Webster Hall Nightclub in Manhattan last night after she tore up the stage at East Rutherford’s Izod Center, as part of her Loud in New Jersey. She even brought out special guest, Jay-Z, for a performance of "Run This Town". I'm hearing the crowd went BONKERS when the Brooklyn MC touched the stage.  

But the main question of the day is, WHAT IN THE HELL IS RIHANNA WEARING? No. Seriously. 

Are you feeling this look, Dancers? Please tell me you're not!

Peep Jay's performance with Rihanna of "Run This Town" under the break.....

Images: INF Daily

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  1. Did jay come out the floor like a legend