Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Andy Cohen Scores Million Dollar Book Deal?!?!

WHEW! Go Andy!

From BRAVO TV Executive/Host to now Author, life is looking pretty good for Andy Cohen. The Hollywood Reporter is stating that the man behind the hit Housewives franchise has scored a seven-figure book deal with Henry Holt for publication in summer 2012 for his untitled memoir.
Cohen’s book will trace his life from a closeted gay teen growing up in the suburbs of St. Louis during the '70s and '80s to his career as a producer at CBS This Morning and 48 Hours to his current role as a programming executive at Bravo. Cohen will also tell how such pop culture classics as The Brady Bunch and Donnie and Marie inspired his career and helped him navigate his life.
I wonder if Andy ever thought he would be as popular and successful as he is now?! I don't know many TV executives who have dual roles behind and in front of the TV, and can do BOTH so well!

KUDOS to Andy!

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