Thursday, August 4, 2011

"Basketball Wives" Star Jennifer Williams Speaks On Ex-Husband Throwing A Drink In Her Face (AUDIO)

Twitter, Facebook, the internet, Pluto has been abuzz when the sneak peek of the next episode of "Basketball Wives" shows soon to be ex-husband of Jennifer Williams, Eric Williams, throwing a drink in her face in front of the Universe.

Still can't believe he did that! WOW.

Jennifer Williams called into the TT Torez Radio Program where, even though she can't fully go into the whole drink throwing ordeal because it hasn't aired yet, she speaks on their tumultuous relationship.

Needless to say that Jennifer has been quite appalled by her soon-to-be ex-husband's behavior, and says she has no idea who this guy is nowadays with his comments on Twitter and to the media. She claims one day he will send her texts saying "I Love You" and the next text will be "You're a Hoe".

BI-POLAR much?

Peep Jennifer's full interview + some of  Eric's tweets under the break.....


Only BYTCH-MADE-MEN talk this way on TWITTER of all things and throw drinks in women's faces!



  1. He doesn't know how to control his emotions..point, blank, period. He sounds like one of those bummy hood dudes that when they try to talk to a female and they turn them down, he comes back with "Oh your ugly anyway"

  2. Niggas are a trip!!!!!!!!!!!!! Men cant handle when the love of their life leave them, they start to act like straight bitches and Eric is a great example.

    Jenn made a good point if she was in it for the money she wld had a baby, good point. Babies dont make the situation better

  3. one other comment: I feel sorry for Jen, the nice girls always fall for the scum bags