Tuesday, August 9, 2011

"Basketball Wives" Star Jennifer Williams Speaks On Season Finale Of The Show (AUDIO)

The season finale of "Basketball Wives" was explosive to say the least! WHEW! Did you see it?

The show was primarily all about Jennifer Williams and her impending divorce with the head member of the Foreign Species, Eric Williams. I tend to not call people ugly, but ummmmm.....yea. During the finale, Eric claimed that Jennifer would be NOTHING without him (I can't say that this is 100% false), he wants his last name back (Ike Turner?), she threw herself a divorce party where she got freaky with a 'gay man' (Ooooops) and more!

Last week, when fans of the show so the sneak peek of the season finale, most were appalled at Eric throwing a drink in his soon to be ex-wife's face after a heated argument. Come to find out, Eric was retaliating to Jennifer initially throwing the drink on him FIRST. But....does that make it ok?

Jennifer called into The Breakfast Club's radio show this morning to shed some light and give her thoughts on that heated exchange, and also her "divorce party" (NEVER heard of a divorce party before in my life....RichPeopleShyt!).

Oh and last but not least, Jennifer....stay away from the dude last night with the "swimmer's hair", aka Al Reynold's friend. Mmmmm Hmmmm...."how YOU doin'"!

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