Monday, August 22, 2011

Bravo Re-Editing RHOBH Due To Russell Armstrong's Death

It's official! And good for them for doing so!

Via THR:

In a statement to Variety, Bravo head Frances Berwick confirmed The Hollywood Reporter’s Thursday story saying that the network will re-edit the show in light of Russell Armstrong's suicide. Berwick declined to say whether the show’s season premiere, set for Sept 5, will be pushed back, maintaining that no decisions has been made. THR reported Thursday that the cast and crew of the show has been told that the premiere date will be pushed by at least a week. A source close to the show told THR  Thursday that show producers from Evolution Entertainment met with cast members Tuesday in Los Angeles to discuss the fate of the series. Some close to the production are encouraging the network to scrap the season altogether, especially considering some of the Armstrong-related storylines. “People are concerned about being associated with the show and his passing,” the source said. But while re-editing of episodes is likely, the source says Bravo does not currently plan to cancel the season entirely. According to the source, the executives did say that the premiere date will be delayed beyond Sept 5. A Bravo spokesperson said that no decision on the premiere has been made. Russell's contentious relationship with his wife, Taylor, who filed for divorce in July, was a main plot point in the first season, and presumably was featured in the second. Russell's body was found in the Los Angeles home in which he'd been living since their split on Monday. The Los Angeles County coroner confirmed to THR it was a suicide.
All this is doing is drumming up MORE publicity for the show. Season 2 will DEFINITELY be a hit for sure. Still so unfortunate....

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  1. Please for Christ sake help this poor boy from Haiti