Tuesday, August 9, 2011

COT DAMN!!! Lenny Kravitz Is Beyond FINE On "Uptown" Magazine!

My Gawwwwd!!! Where do I begin? I'm speechless. Ummmm.......

Dancers, please feast your eyes on the SEXINESS that is Lenny Kravitz on the newest issue of UPTOWN magazine!


In the feature he talks about growing up as a biracial child, getting married again and MORE!

Excerpts under the break.....

“I was the kid they knew was different. They knew who my parents were
 and would call them Mr. Day and Mrs. Night, or they’d call me zebra,” says 
Kravitz in reference to his Jewish father and his black mother. “I didn’t stick 
to one group, and I ended up listening to all kinds of music,” he remembers. 

“All of my albums are all
 over the place musically. I have a difficult time making a record and staying 
on one path,” he says. His enviable 
resolve and calm shape his life as well as his music. “I just do what I feel, and 
it just comes out.”

“I am single and open and waiting,” he says with a hint 
of devilishness.
I know MANY women who would happily oblige!


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  1. Noones father shld display this level of sexiness. GOod Gracious