Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Dancers, Feast Your Eyes On Derek J!

*twirls, throws glitter, and lands in a split*

YAAAAASSSSSSSSS!!!! And for those that are MADD, you should probably STAY that way!

Hairstylist and host of Oxygen's “Hair Battle Spectacular” Derek J graced us with his presence (look at those 'coochie cutters' he is rocking...*collapses*) at the Season 2 premiere party at Ricky’s NYC Revolver Salon in New York City yesterday. 

If you are so inclined to check Derek J out on Season 2 of  “Hair Battle Spectacular” (along with host Eva Marcille), it airs every Monday at 10 on Oxygen!


  1. legs oiled down and toe nails painted... get'um girl!

  2. he looks gross and always will to me, he is a man dressing up in girl clothes, NO MAAM

  3. dont play with me B Scott is a QUEEN honey, aint no boy about her lmao

  4. HUNEEEE......nuff said.