Thursday, August 11, 2011

Evelyn Talks About Her "Love" Ochocinco And Their Move To Boston

Reality star/business woman Evelyn Lozada sat down with the Boston Herald magazine where she spoke about her new life with New England Patriots star Chad Ochocinco. The two have moved to Foxboro, MA in a two-bed, two-bath love nest just minutes from the stadium.

But for those who haven't heard, Ocho plans to live with a fan for a little while to get more acquainted with the city. Anything for some press, I tell ya! But will Evelyn be moving in with the fan also?
“He wants to do it, so he will. But that fan better be married with kids. And it won’t be a female fan. It’s a little strange staying at someone’s house who you don’t know. But that’s Chad,” she said. “But me, I won’t be going.”
And why is he doing this again? Oh, because he wasn't loved as a child and needs LOTS of attention. I get it. 

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So, will Chad and Evelyn be going on any double dates with Tom Brady and wife Gisele Bundchen?: “I’m not opposed to a double date. I’d invite them out. We’re hoping to bring some flavor and fun to Boston. Maybe it could be Tom, Gisele, Evelyn and Chad take over Boston. That would be cool.”
On her being labled a "gold-digger": “Listen, first of all, I met Antoine in New York. I’m not one of those girls who chase. I’m not sitting in front of the hotel. This is how my life played out for me,” she said. “When I started dating my ex (Walker), once you date one, you’re labeled. It doesn’t bother me. I didn’t chase Chad. It’s just something that happened.”
On having twins with Ochocinco: Lozada, who has an 18-year-old daughter, and Ocho, who has four kids, are planning on expanding their family with twin boys, already named Pepe and Esteban, through IVF. They’ve made the deposit — monetary and genetic — and are just waiting to make their liaison legal. “The twins are waiting for me,” she said. “That’s the great thing about in vitro. You can plan rather than having an oopsie.”
I just can NOT with these two. So contrived. But hey, if they can make it work, more power to them! We'll see if it lasts....


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  1. 4 kids WTF.. i like Evelyn she just do too much. she had her daughter while she was young and now she just wants to live. i dig it. i think Evelyn is in it for the long run but Ocho not so much. u c she aint no dummy this time around she having babies and 2 at that hahahahaha

    sidebar: whats this photo shoot about again