Thursday, August 18, 2011

Foxy Brow Still Hates Lil Kim, Dancers (VIDEO)!

*long hard sigh*

When will this be over?!?!?!?

Dancers, check out this footage of Foxy Brown performing in New Jersey the other day when she decided her only way to remain relevant was to take shots at Lil Kim.

Foxy, just give us another "Broken Silence" album and then we'll start to care again, k? And believe me, this was said with all due respect....

PS - Do I spy a jean skirt, circa 1995? *collapses*

1 comment:

  1. YES honey jean skirt with fringes or strings hanging BUTTTT WAIT aint that bitch blind WTF lol

    COuple questins:
    1. who is the hype person and it that a man or woman, idc eithr way i just likE to b aware tis aLl lol

    2. how many people there and she performing 15 maYb????