Wednesday, August 24, 2011

It's A Wrap For Paris Hilton's Reality Show!

Ummmmmm, I guess I was one of the many few that tuned in, eh? Ahhh, screw yall....

Oxygen really had high hopes for Paris Hilton's reality show, The World According To Paris. It had the makings of GREAT reality TV: boyfriend drama, lesbian action, name it, they had it! But I'm not sure the audience was on board. Or perhaps, are we just OVER Lady Hilton and her baby voice? I blame the Kardashians personally. NO ONE is checking for Paris anymore...

It's being reported that Oxygen has decided to scrap the reality show after it's premiere episode debuted at around 400,000 viewers and the subsequent episodes were even worse. OUCH!!!

Paris, at the end of the're a MILLIONAIRE! My advice would be to stay OFF TV!

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