Monday, August 15, 2011

Kate Hudson Debuts Her Little Guy Bingham (PHOTO)!

Awwww! I want one (sometimes)!!!

Well isn't this precious! Actress Kate Hudson was seen in total bliss in the above picture that was posted from her fiance, Matthew Bellamy's Twitter account. He tweeted:
“Family life!”
Short and sweet!

As for when the couple will walk down the aisle? Hudson told ELLE magazine recently:
“One thing at a time. We’ll say hello to our new one and enjoy that for a while.”
I hear that!

Image: Twitter


  1. One thing at a time means she good the way things are and i aint even mad, i have always liked her, laid back and chill

    i think i fell in love with her when she was on Rachel Zoe show and she was singing in the car(flash aint that the same lasy) lol

  2. yes, that was her! and she sounded GREAT!