Thursday, August 4, 2011

Meet the 10 Year Old Supermodel......

Dancers, her name is Thylane Lena-Rose Blondeau and is from the Ivory Coast.

Her parents, father - a famous soccer star and mom - a fashion designer, have come under fire for signing off on their daughter to be involved in what the media is calling, 'sexualized ads/photographs'. Oh, and I'm hearing that Thylane is booked constantly! Speaking to her popularity.

So, do you agree Dancers? I have to say I don't have a problem with it. If I can be alllllll the way honest? We can so sooooooooo uptight at times. RELAX! It's a job for her like anyone else. She just happens to be 10.

Here's an idea: How about people should worry about what is going on in their own home?!?!? Just a thought....

Another pic of Thylane under the break...


  1. this lil bitch made me drop my computer BICTH U btr POSE

  2. How can you do this to your child. You are pushing her to grow up fast, she will not have a normal child life and that is not fare. You have money to take care of your family why put her out there like that. If she wanted to model you as a mother should have had her to do kids things not grow up thing. I am sad I think about all the kids out here that is being molested only because parents like you don't care about nothing but money. God said not to love money and it is the root of evil in so many ways it is because people do anything for money. So I as you why are you letting your daughter do this and it is teaching other kids to be like that. Many family are hurting for lack of money but this do not mean to put your kids out there like this for money it is soooo sad and it hurts inside. I loss 2 daughters and 1 step daughter and I would never take for-granted what
    God has given me in my life time. I will pray for you and the family. Please have her to do something else. Time is changing but lets change for the Good. "Don't play in the Devils hand"

    From: I care about you.