Friday, August 19, 2011

Take A Look Inside Donald Trump's Private 757 Jet

Dancers, feast your eyes on what REAL luxury is about...none of that "poppin' bottles in the club and makin' it rain". Nawwwww, none of that!

Billionaire businessman Donald Trump let cameras into his custom 757 private jet, that will make you want to re-think your purpose in life. *sigh*

His assistant Amanda Miller, who appeared on Celebrity Apprentice, gave us a tour of the jet that boasts:
  • 43 passenger seats
  • Rolls Royce Engine
  • Seat-belts that are 24 karat cold plated
  • Dining Area
  • Theater Lounge
  • Guest Room
  • Master Bedroom (Mr. Trump's bedroom) with a shower and sink
  • VIP Area
WHEW! *walks away LIVID*

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