Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Ut Oh...Kim Kardashian's Psoriasis Is Showing!


As much as this girl's career has been built on her beauty and showing off her famous curves, Kim Kardashian doesn't seem to be hiding her Psoriasis condition at all!

But hey! When your face is a 10 like hers (and let's not forget her POCKETS), she could give 1 phuck about what others think either! WHO MAD?

The famous starlet was spotted out and about in Los Angeles yesterday, showing off her much talked about Psoriasis problem that was documented on her reality show.

More flix of Kim under the break...

 Aside from the Psoriasis, this girl has a DONKEY on her! GEESH....
Still pretty as ever tho....

Images: Fame/INF Daily


  1. that shit look gross she need to put some long pants on at her break out times Phuck that

  2. she prob tryna get an endorsement deal and i am not mad if she does but still cover that shit up

  3. if you have psoriasis...u would know that trying to hide that from ignorant people ALL the damn time isn't worth sure she looks better than you even with psoriasis all over her body.

  4. I agree! She is still a beautiful woman regardless. No one is without flaws!

  5. Besides is better if you get sun on it. I have psoriasis too and is it worst to cover it. so I suggest you should get informed before you say anything...

  6. I just can not believe how stupid and ignorant people are! I suffer from psoriasis and it can be devastating. Get educated or be quiet and stupid