Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Elizabeth Olsen Covers "NYLON" Magazine

I mean, it would only be right for me to have a love affair with the younger sister of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen (two of the loves of my life!), Elizabeth Olsen!

The budding new actress and "IT-girl" has scored the October 2011 issue of NYLON Magazine where she dives into growing up with her famous sisters, breaking into the movie business, and her fashion taste!

Peep her fun spread and excerpts under the break....

“I have to attribute the way I have always looked at [work] to my father, because he was a really good influence on us. It was always very important to him that his daughters be financially independent. He wanted us to know that we could take care of ourselves, because he never liked the idea of us needing a man. And witnessing how my sisters can take care of themselves financially was a great model to have. I consider myself lucky to have such a normal family.”
 On getting her start in theater: “I just always thought that theater was different from being an actor in Hollywood for some reason. It was like this safe place where people aren’t harassed. But I was apprehensive because I saw how brutal people can be when other people put themselves out there.”
On her new movie "Martha Marcy May Marlene": "It was a really interesting feeling, where I just felt like I knew how to approach this. That doesn't happen too often with me."
 Stylist Monique Bean on Elizabeth's style: "Elizabeth knew what she liked clothing-wise and had a really good eye for color and design. She absolutely loved Proenza Schouler's Navajo-inspired graphic knit pants and said she wanted to wear them even if they didn't look good on her, but they did! She also gravitated toward simple, classic looks - pieces influenced by menswear tailoring."
Images: NYLON

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  1. Pretty Girl....she looks like she eats a salad at least