Thursday, September 22, 2011

Floyd Mayweather's Fiance Is A Dime!

YEP...sho is!

Dancers, you're looking at boxing champ Floyd Mayweather Jr.'s fiance Shantel "Miss" Jackson on fight night in Vegas cheering on her man this weekend.

Another flick under the break....

Innnneresting outfit, eh? Is that a wedding dress?

I wonder if he wasn't "MONEY Mayweather" would she even have taken a second look?! Probably not....


  1. Flash you forgot "Can somebody go and check on Chili STAT hahahahahahahaha

  2. but, when asked if she would be with Trump if he weren't rich, that smart lady Melania (sp?) replied, 'Would he be with me if I weren't beautiful?'

    equal arrangement!