Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Military Man Comes Out Of The Closet To His Father....On Youtube (VIDEO)!

Call me a sap, but this was a tear jerker for me! So heartfelt!

For months, this young military man from Alabama has made a series of Youtube videos (concealing his face) on the repeal of DADT (Don't Ask, Don't Tell). But this time, he had the astounding courage to reveal who he is AND to come out as a gay man to his father. ALL ON YOUTUBE, mind you. 

He starts the conversation off with his dad, "Will you love me? Like no matter what?"

UGH! That just brought about a rush of emotions for me!!! WHEW!

This father was a star in the way he handled his son's surprising news! Peep the vid for what he said.


PS - Parents of gay children....this is all that they want! Love and support. Pay attention.

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  1. i really couldnt hear his dad to well but I did hear that he loved his son which was a great feeling I'm sure

    did he say "watch your drinking" HA he must gets its in

    and pops wasnt tryna tell mom dukes