Monday, October 3, 2011

Apparently, You Can Only Drink Ciroc Around Diddy....

*sigh* WE (peep the caps) just have to do better.....

This weekend, BET hosted their annual Hip Hop Awards in Atlanta where Diddy and a newly released T.I. hosted an afterparty.

Apparently, Diddy got all HOT and BOTHERED (aka....he "queened out") out what looks like DC native and and hip hop socialite Kenny Burns for drinking an alcoholic beverage other than Ciroc (Diddy's endorsed liquor brand). Ummmmm, is this NOT America that we live in? Aren't we allowed to make our own choices and decisions in life? Or perhaps I'm just sadly mistaken....DAH WELL!

So T.I. was also in the building, and didn't take too kindly to all of the bullshyt going on because, ya know....HE AIN'T TRYING GO BACK INTO PRISON (I'm not mad at all). He grabbed the microphone and had a few choice words for Diddy and to dead the whole situation.

Why do some men HAVE to pull out their dicks to show who has the biggest? 

Diddy pull your skirt down! You need a timeout....

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