Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Demi Moore Continues To Wear Wedding Ring Amidst Divorce Rumors (PHOTOS)

 Somebody is paying homage to Madonna with those arms

Demi Moore was spotted last night at a screening of Margin Call in New York City sporting her WEDDING RING *gasp!!!* Although she didn't hit the carpet with her "estranged" husband Ashton Kutcher, wearing your wedding ring to a public event like this coveys a strong statement to us all: MIND YOUR PHUCKIN' BUSINESS!!!

Ooooops...I'm not mad!

My personal belief is that Demi and Ashton are at home eating popcorn, laughing at all of us! These two aren't getting a divorce. We should all move on!

More shots under the break....

Images: Fame/PacificCoastNews

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