Thursday, October 20, 2011

Double Date Night: Kim/Kris And Kourtney/Scott

Awwwwwwwww! *WARNING Mayjah sarcasm displayed*

Kim and Kris Kardashian (yes, that is what he will be called from here on out) were joined by Kourtney and Scott for a double date night in rainy new York City last night.

The reality stars made their way to the Hurricane Club where they also had dinner.

Kourtney and Scott under the break....

I find it quite odd that I'm a big Scott Disick fan (pretty much, I've always been). He's hilarious and it's pretty obvious that he adores Kourtney. And hey....I'm a sucka for a well dressed man. *shrug*

Images: AKM Images


  1. Why is everyone dressed for date night but Kris bobblehead ass??? He just doesnt fit in..Im done.

  2. I want him to go away....PERMANENTLY!

  3. cause he is from Kentucky and thats dressed up to them lol

  4. @ locs - SHADE! and ma'am, he is from Minnesota

  5. @flash same difference lol