Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Royce Reed Quits "Basketball Wives"


Via Royce Reed's Twitter page:
Good Afternoon! As of right now I have decided NOT 2return 4 Season 4 of BBW due 2 artistic differences.Things may change but as of now, NO!

I want to thank all my fans for your support.
Well....what happened? I don't believe that Royce has quit altogether. NOPE...sure don't! Neither do I believe that Evelyn isn't coming back. These women have become accustomed to the fame and perks that this show has brought to their lives. You NEVER abandon what made you a household name. Look at the Kardashians! Even though they have acquired their global empire, they continue to do reality shows.

But hey....IDK! If Royce and Evelyn leave, I don't see how this show will survive. As much as I love Tami, she cant carry the show all by herself.

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