Thursday, October 6, 2011

Sneak Peek "LaLa's Full Court Life": Trina Tries To Get Over Ex Kenyon Martin

Awwwww! LaLa is such a good friend!

In next week's episode of LaLa Anthony's "LaLa's Full Court Life", the TV personality wants to hook her BFF up, rapper Trina, on a blind date so that she can start to get over ex boyfriend, NBA star Kenyon Martin.

In the sneak peek, Trina is CLEARLY not over her ex-beau (he must've put that thang on her...WHEW!), but is willing to try dating and putting herself out there again.

Let's see how this blind date goes!

PS - Oh, word on the street is that Trina and Kenyon are an item again...hmmmmmmm!

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