Monday, October 17, 2011

Spotted: Rick Ross After SECOND Seizure!

YES, Dancers! Rapper Rick Ross had a SECOND seizure after he was released from his first scare on an airplane!
After two in-flight medical emergencies, rapper Rick Ross FINALLY made it to Memphis this weekend for the grand opening of a chicken wing joint. Ross suffered his first seizure on a commercial flight, which had to be diverted so he could receive medical care. Hours later, Ross got back on a private jet ... and suffered ANOTHER seizure. The plane was also diverted ... but this time Ross was rushed to a nearby hospital for treatment. But Ross eventually made it to Memphis ... because Ross' friend, DJ Khaled, posted a photo last night ... showing the rapper sipping on a drink in front of a Tennessee Wingstop. Khaled noted, "My brother ROZAY!!IS GOOD!!!" It's unclear HOW Ross actually got to Memphis -- or how he plans to get home.
I'm no expert at this, but people just don't randomly have seizures, right? Which leads me to believe or question if Ross is epileptic. Although he nor his people have ever announced this, it's very puzzling how he had back to back seizures.

I hope that he will be ok! Money, cars, access, etc is GREAT, but without your health, none of that really matters.

Image: Twitter

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  1. my nig dont even look like he feels well in the pic, i hope he takest this seriously and gets the treatment he needs....