Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Wanna Know Why Kimsha Artest Isn't On BBW-LA? She Explains.....(VIDEO)

I really wanted to hear more about her story on Basketball Wives-LA. Dah Well.....
On why she is no longer on the show: Some of the women that are on the show they are not wives and the majority of them are but they’re not conducting themselves as such. So I don’t want to be affiliated with shenanigans and drama. The back and forth is uncalled for, childish and that’s just not me.
So did she really write those Facebook messages about Shaunie and Evelyn? Anybody who read that could’ve known that, that was not me period. I’m not a Facebook person; I do have a Facebook but that’s not my name. Whoever it is can go kick rocks. All the negativity and comments, they can kick rocks too.
Get into the interview above!

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