Friday, November 4, 2011

'Basketball Wives' News: Evelyn Lozada Signs Book/Movie Deal + Jennifer Williams Offers "A Day In The Life"

Evelyn Lozada is HELL BENT on proving to the world that she is MORE than just a trophy piece for the world's famous athletes. The Hollywood Reporter says that the Basketball Wives star has just signed a six-figure deal  (high 6-figures or lows? REAL question) with Cash Money Content, a book publishing arm of the record label Cash Money Records, founded by brothers Bryan “Baby” Williams and Ronald “Slim” Williams. 

People on Cash Money read books? Oh.
Evelyn's first book released with Cash Money Content will be entitled, The Wives Association, (who are these "wives" Evelyn speaks of?) loosely based on her life using the alter ego Eve Inez-Landon to fictionalize the true stories she has learned from years of dating professional athletes. AKA....."hoeing". I ain't mad. Make your coins boo-boo!
“The stories that you hear—what goes on in these relationships, and just being in that circle—I decided to let everyone experience a piece of it for themselves by writing this series of juicy novels."

“By partnering with Baby and Cash Money Content, we have the potential to turn these ‘novels’ into a full-fledged brand,” Lozada explains.  “Everything Baby and CMC touches turns to gold, and our brands together will be magical.” 
These books will be co-authored by  former Law & Order: Criminal Intent writer Courtney Parker. So you know what that means.....Evelyn will tell the story. Courtney will write the book.

Congrats boo....I guess.

"A Day In The Life" with Jennifer Williams under the break....

"I'm not trying to be on reality TV for the rest of my life." SMART GIRL!

Jennifer Williams talks reality television, her lip gloss company Lucid Cosmetics, and MORE!

PS - I know Eric Williams is somewhere sitting around....MAD!

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