Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Justin Bieber Takes Paternity Test.....What Say YOU, Mariah Yeater?!?!?

Via TMZ:
Justin Bieber took a DNA test on Friday night in New Jersey, and now it's baby mama's move. Justin took the test at a lab under "very controlled circumstances."  We're told there is a solid chain of custody, so it's going to be hard for Mariah Yeater or her lawyer to challenge it. As we first reported, Justin's team will NOT settle or even discuss settlement with Yeater or her lawyer.  It's now up to her to provide DNA results from Mariah's baby.

Mariah's lawyer was unavailable for comment.
I blame MYSELF for still reporting on this story...SMH! But I'm soooooo waiting for this lil WINCH to eat crow and crawl back in her hole and never to return. Wishful thinking.....

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