Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Lady GaGa Covers ELLE UK Magazine!

Our dear Lady GaGa covers the January 2012 issue of ELLE UK magazine in a green organza dress by Alexander McQueen!

Get into the spread along with excerpts under the break.......

Alternate cover
"I don't regret anything. If I'd known things back then I wouldn't be where I am now, because so much of who I am is based on a lack of fear. I have no fear."

"I had abusive relationships: I dated men much older than me – I was 15, they were 30 – which I don't recommend. I was never brave enough to be the person who I am today."

"My fans don't care what I am, that's what I like about them. They don't care if I'm a boy or a girl or an in-between or a phoenix or a mermaid or a unicorn. They don't care."

"Many people really don't like what I do – or how I sing or what music I make – but some of those people admire the commitment to the work. That to me is more important than anything."

Images: ELLE UK

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  1. Beautiful, Gaga to me is coming into her own b/c she is still playing her part with being different but that face honey, HEAVENS.. a good MUA can paint a fantastic picture but HONTEY when that canvas is everything it shows WERQ GAGA