Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Meet The Ladies Of VH1's "Love & Hip Hop" Season 2!!!

Okay, Ladies!!! I see we got a little more for the budget this season....I'm not mad!

Dancers, the new promo shots for VH1's hit reality show "Love & Hip Hop" have been released, and the ladies are looking great, yes?

Regulars Chrissy Lampkin, Emily Bustamante, Somaya Reece, and Olivia are back for Season 2. Also joining the cast are newcomers Kimbella Vanderhee (who happens to be rapper Juelz Santana's babymomma/girlfriend?) and Yandy Smith (hip-hop manager).

Check out individual shots of "the crew" under the break.....TEAM CHRISSY!

 I want Chrissy's hair....BADLY!!!
 Emily. There is A LOT going on with this fit, babe!
 *sigh* Please pray for Somaya and her future wardrobe
 Olivia - who also has GREAT hair!
 Yandy Smith
 Kimbella Vanderhee - Pretty girl!

Oh! And just in case you all forgot about the supercharged trailer for Season 2, here ya go! Thank me lata.....

"Love & Hip Hop" Season 2 premieres November 14th on VH1.


  1. Ok lets start with the ladies top to bottom. Chrissy not a fan of the shoes but she a bad girl nonetheless. Emily babe the outfit is a do ova but those shoes BOOM! Imma just skip Somaya all together smdh. Now Ms Olivia is always cute with her lil self. Yandy and Kimbella they look like they wanna scream 'wonda twin powers activate' at any moment.....Im done.

  2. @Anonymous "they look like they wanna scream 'wonda twin powers activate' at any moment" YEP...ur goin to hell lol.

  3. Love Chrissy!!! Somaya needs some help!! Emily is pretty, even if her outfit is a bit busy and shoes are off the chain! I'm not sure about Kimbella, but it looked Chrissy whooped that a**!!!

  4. I Love Olivia and Chrissy.
    Emily is too dumb for me. I hated to see her lash out at Olivia over nothing. Emily wishes she looked like Olivia. Emily can't even get Fab to show up to be photographed with his kids. Olivia sat on the photographers floor, while her son proceded to run around the studio while she simply watched him terrorize the photographer while she sat their waiting on Fab who never showed up, or even called to say he wouldn't make it.That's why it was so hard to watch Emily lash out at Olivia about how her personal relationship with some guy, claiming Olivia was lying about dating this guy. Why wouldn't Emily spend her time focusing on Fab or that holy terror she calls a son. I truely despise Emily's miserable a**.