Monday, November 28, 2011

Sneak Peek: "Basketball Wives: LA" Reunion Part 2

DISCLAIMER: Jackie Christie is "crazy.....deranged"!

Just thought I'd get that out in the open first and foremost!

In this sneak peek episode of "Basketball Wives: LA" Reunion Part 2, the ladies are back on their bullshyt with the namecalling and finger pointing. Surprised? How DARE you be....
  • Laura is back with baby daddy and now fiance Gilbert Arenas in Orlando. She shows off her $1 MILLION engagement ring ( read that correctly) that Gilbert designed for her which boasts 23 carats. GOOD GAWWWWWD!
  • Doug Christie joins his psycho wife Jackie on stage where he was asked how their marriage has lasted for 16 years. Some of the other ladies admitted to not wanting to even look in the direction of Doug for fear of what Jackie would say or how she would react. Just sad, I tell ya....
  • I will say that I applaud Doug Christie for not only putting up with that crazy, bat shyt wife of his but speaking out and demonstrating proudly what a REAL MAN is capable of. Even if he is with the town clown.
Tune into the conclusion of the reunion special tonight at 8PM EST on VH1!

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