Tuesday, November 8, 2011

"X-Factor's" Rachel Crow: 'She Was Born A Crack Baby'

Who doesn't love a great "come up" story!? 

US X-Factor has becoming one of the most watched programs (as we all knew it would be) during this fall season. And one of the show's break-out talents, Rachel Crow (MY FAVE!!!), has shocked the world with her poise, maturity and let's not forget that powerful voice.

When Rachel first showed up for auditions, she was accompanied by her mother and family, whom were white. and I just assumed  (like everyone else did) that Rachel was bi-racial (I mean....look at her!). Now, her ADOPTED mom - Barbara Crow - is speaking out for the first time about Rachel being a "crack baby", growing up in a crack house and how she has been a blessing to them!

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“She was born a crack baby and actually lived in a crack house and suffered a lot of abuse. But she is totally unaffected by it. She never looks at [her past] in a sad way. She looks at it as that is what made her the person she is. She came to us through Social Services. In situations like that, it is a little more dangerous, so they keep everything sealed. It is not like entering into a typical private adoption. This is where parental rights were terminated, and the child suffered a lot of abuse. I would just like 10 minutes with them.”
So what are Rachel's feelings about her past?
“I have two amazing parents already. It is crazy because everybody is like, ‘She is not your real mom.’ And I am like, ‘Yeah, she is!’ ”
And what does Rachel want to do with the $5 MILLION if she wins X-Factor?
“I want to build a foundation that makes them feel good about themselves -- whether they want to sing or act or whether they want be in sports or go to Harvard,” she says. “I want to make sure they get to chase their dreams.”

THIS is why I love this chica!

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