Thursday, December 1, 2011

Dare I Say That Nicki Minaj.......

....actually looks "polished" and adorable at last night's 2012 Grammy Nominations Concert?!?!?!?


The "Super Bass" rapper put her best fashion foot forward in a blue figure hugging dress with Versace heels, and of course she had to kep her signature pink hairstyle because.....well, she wouldn't be Nicki Minaj if she got rid of it!

Dancers, are we on the same page that Nicki looks nice? I think she deserves a present of sorts for this accomplishment! A day that she steps out of the house NOT looking like the 30 year old member of the OMG Girls is a day we must celebrate.

More of her under the break.....

 She announced some nominees with her fellow Queens brethren LL Cool J

Images: Getty Images

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