Monday, December 5, 2011

Did Khloe Kardashian ASSAULT A Transgender Woman?!?!?!?

Oh Lawwwwwd! Khloe, PLEASE say this isn't true.....My Heavens!

Khloe Kardashian is being sued by a transgender woman who claims Khloe beat the crap out of her outside a Hollywood nightclub. Chantal Spears -- also know as Ronald Spears -- claims on December 5, 2009, Khloe violently struck her "in and about her body," causing serious injuries.
REALLY? In 2009? And why didn't "she" come forth earlier? "GIRRRRRRLLLLLL"......
TMZ broke the story ... the incident occurred outside Playhouse nightclub on Hollywood Blvd., after Chantal/Ronald allegedly walked up to Lamar and told him he was "too young to be married."
How did I know this had EVERYTHING to do with L.O.? lol
Chantal/Ronald told cops at the time,  Khloe "pushed and hit me."  No one was arrested or cited. Chantal/Ronald says in her lawsuit she did not provoke anyone. She's asking for unspecified damages.
Of COURSE she is! What say you, Khlo-Money???

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  1. Whatever????? we are about to enter 2012 u r healed.BYE booo

    i cant wait to here what Khloe gonna say, this is gonna b funny lol