Thursday, December 8, 2011

New Couple: Rob Kardashian And Rita Ora???


According to Us Magazine, The Kardashians youngest sibling, Rob Kardashian, is canoodling with model/singer and Roc Nation's own Rita Ora

A source claims, "I don't think they are fully together. Just dating," about Rob and Rita's relationship. 

Hmmmmm, you know what that means....they're relationship hasn't evolved yet from the "screwing" phase. Am I lying???

"[I'm] not sure how they even met! But [Rita] seems super sweet and fun and cool," a source close to the Dancing with the Stars runner-up adds.

Listen, Rob...DO YOU! AT least you are starting to get some press as well! Who says your sisters have to get all of the shine.


  1. Those photos are of Jasmine Saunders with Chris Brown, they're not Rita.