Thursday, December 1, 2011

Rapper T.I. And Wife Tiny Visit The Wendy William Show To Discuss His Drug Bust, Reality TV, 50 Cent And MORE (VIDEO)

In the above snippet of rapper T.I. and wife Tameka "Tiny" Harris on the Wendy Williams Show earlier today, Wendy held back no punches when grilling T.I. about his recent jail stints for drugs (Wendy asking him, "Why didn't you get high in the hotel room?" LOL), Tiny revealing that she was asked to do RHOA, but suggested that good friend Kandi do the show (T.I. interjected and said that he would have NOT wanted Tiny to do RHOA - I bet that has a lot to do with NeNe), also Wendy asked Tiny her thoughts on 50 cent saying that Tiny should've took the rap for T.I. going to jail. Notice how T.I. put the brakes on Tiny even answering that question.....I can dig it!

With all of his shortcomings with common sense as of late, T.I. appears to really have a take charge attitude when it comes to his family, and it's quite refreshing!

Let's cheers to him staying OUT of jail this time around.


  1. he sure is tired of talking about his problems lololol. u can take niggas out the hood but u cant take the hood out of the nigga

    TI is a trip and i like it...PAUSE

  2. why ? what happened with NENE ?

  3. AHAHA They can say what they want about that man but he dont get carried his ass carries and ummm PAUSE--- I like it I like it alot ahahahhahahha BOOM!