Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Brad Goreski Adresses The Rachel Zoe Rift On The Wendy Williams Show (VIDEO)

We all fell in love with Rachel Zoe's former assistant of 3 years Brad Goreski on Rachel's BRAVO reality show, The Rachel Zoe Project

Now, the budding reality star and fashion figure has branched out on his own with a brand new reality show on BRAVO entitled, "It's A Brad Brad World" and starting his own styling company. But his former boss, Lady Zoe, hasn't held back in the press and on her own show alluding to the fact that Brad lied about leaving her company to take a break from the fashion scene and settle down a bit his boyfriend, and she even accused him of stealing clients (one of them being Demi Moore).

Yesterday, Brad addressed it all with talk show host Wendy Williams where he denied most of it and when asked if he has seen Rachel's new baby Skyler, he replied:
"We don't speak to each other. I would love to be able to speak with her, and everyone asks me if I've seen the baby. I have not seen the baby because I have not been invited."

As much as I love Rachel Zoe, I'm inclined to side with Brad on this one. How long can a person be an assistant? Isn't the point to learn as much as you can and then branch off on your own? It's not fair that Rachel appears to hold Brad leaving over his head. How long is he supposed to make YOU rich???


Peep a snippet of the interview below......

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  1. I agree totally with Flash. Rachel tends to blur the line of professionalism with her staff, taking everything personally. Brad wants to be GREAT too Rachel. I mean, dag.