Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Let's Go Back In The Day With Jim And Chrissy In Jim Jones' "Day In The Fast Life" DVD (VIDEO)

First and foremost.....I LOVE THESE TWO! I can't help it.....

Dancers, get into this throwback footage of Diplomats' rapper Jim Jones and his longtime lady love Chrissy Lampkin in Jim Jones' "Day In The Fast Life" DVD from 2006.
"As you can see, she's more like my mother than my girlfriend but, I guess we all need someone to put us in check sometimes."
Apparently from the above snippet, nothing has really changed between the two. They still bicker like crazy, Jim is still HOOD AS HELL, Chrissy's mouth is still off the hook (I love this winch!) and did we peep Yandy in the background? Indeed....

Say what you will about these two, but there relationship is one of the most authentic ones I've seen on reality television! There's no doubt about it that they love each other HARD. And let's face it, Jim NEEDS (yes, NEEDS) someone like Chrissy in his life! That man is a handful...WHEW!
"I guess you can call ourselves like Bonnie & Clyde...if you want. That's my partner. I love her to death."
I can dig it!


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  1. that bitch mouth would make me look for my blunt toooo cot dayyum...and this mf talking about "dont do this while the lady in here" but nigga u geeking for a blunt while she was in there lol