Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Paris Hilton Claims She Is The BILLION Dollar Gal, Yall....

Billion? No. For Realz....1 BILLION? Are you aware of how much that is exactly? I guess.....
"I'm involved in my products every step of the way. My fragrances are doing really well at the moment. They've produced more than $1.3 billion in revenue since 2005. I have 35 stores and 17 product lines. And then there's my racing team, my 14 fragrances and my new project, the Paris Hilton Beach Club chain. The first one is opening in the Philippines soon. It's going to have nightclubs, restaurants, bars, gyms. Everything really. I have a huge passion for house music. I just haven't been able to focus on it, because I have been doing reality TV for so long now. I've been working on the album with lots of other top DJs for a while now and I think people will be really surprised. It's very modern and very catchy; perfect party music."
Paris, my dear. Enough with the dramatics. If you wanted Kim Kardashian to know what you have going on, just pick up the phone and call her. 

This is the biggest example of, "HEEEEY. LOOK AT ME, KIM....I HAVE MORE MONEY THAN YOU."

PS - I need a sex tape.

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