Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Savannah Brinson Is In Love With Her Engagement Ring!

That's right girl...YOU WORKED HARD FOR IT!!! Show it off!

Savannah Brinson, fiance to NBA star LeBron James, was all smiles at the Miami Heat and Atlanta Hawks game at the American Airlines Arena in Miami, Florida on Monday.

The deets on the ring? According to Aslam Bakshi, owner of Diamond Images U.S.A., says "The ring is a traditional Tiffany style ring with a pear shape diamond in the center along with two tapered diamond baguettes on each side. The center diamond should be at least 4-5 carats... with an approximate retail value of between $250K and $300K."



  1. Its pretty...just not sure how I feel about the ring yet. She been with him how long and his net worth is how much? Yea um the verdict is still out...

  2. Maybe Lebron should have went to Jim Jones jeweler because Chrissy rannnng is off the CHAIN!!!

  3. i was just tellig my mother that and i agree with yout both..he gone show up with that piece of shit 2 kids and umting years later chile can she even show her face or ring for that matter around the other wives, imean it aint even cute wtf...maam go kill urself and ur family b4 the media does hahahahahahaha

  4. Exactly!!! Ahahahhahahha